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  1. That makes sense, thank you for your advice! I am 1 year younger than him, but we do not share the same religion.
  2. Thank you for your advice! Basically, my parents and family wouldn't agree with the marriage, and don't like me traveling to Egypt. There's no issues on his side though.
  3. It is entirely my family who is the problem :-\ I fully understand their acceptance isn't needed when it comes to immigration... But that still doesn't mean I want to piss them off or upset them further. They are extremely difficult to work with. If it wasn't for them this wouldn't be an issue. I'm just trying to figure out how to make them least upset. Thank you for your advice though!
  4. I am so sorry and I mean no offence by this, but immigration doesn't care about this :-\ They aren't going to make exceptions for such a case. Our personal issues and circumstances are not their problem. Best to listen to the other advice here, and re-evaluate a few things.
  5. Kind of, some personal issues. Such as disgreements from my family, etc. Nothing that would entirely stop us, just trying to work a few things out.
  6. Thank you. I'm new to this process, so forgive me if I sound stupid. So I'm wondering if there would be any issues if we got married in a third country... not USA, and not SO's home country. Wondering if anyone else has done this or knows anything about it.
  7. Does anyone have any experience with marriage in a third party country, i.e., not either of your home country? Then registering the marriage in each of your respective home countries? Does anyone have an experience or knowledge about this? Thank you!
  8. That makes a lot of sense, and saving money is always a good thing. A little longer wait might be worth it. Thank you so much!!!
  9. Well, definitely no need for the harsh comment! I know nothing will me exactly easy or quick, was just looking for advice- I thought that was the point of forums like this! And as I stated, I'm hew here and this is my first post. I'm not totally familiar with now the site works or how to look at under the different topics. Definitely not a warm welcome. If you didn't like my post or felt bothered by it, you didn't need to comment. That's awesome! About how long was it from start to finish? So happy to hear you all are enjoying your lives together now!
  10. Hello everyone, We are new to all of this so just looking for some solid advice about where to get started. I am in USA, and my other half is in Egypt. We are not married yet. If we want to live in the states, which visa route might be the easiest/quickest? The K-1 fiance visa, or a CR-1 spouse visa? I'm sure there are ups and downs to both sides, just interested to know what those might be and what your experienes or opinions are! Thank you!
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