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  1. Hi! I am also curious how long was it before you put a status inquiry? My pending I751 is still within processing time for CSC.
  2. Great news! What is local office for N400 interview? How do you send a request for the ROC/N400 combo interview? I haven’t heard of this.
  3. That why I wonder if that “NBC” on NOA letter means they transferred the case? And didn’t send notification about it? Do you think you could call them and ask about the pending ROC, since you have scheduled interview?
  4. Thank you for you reply @Markeee! I don’t know if my case (or both cases) is transferred to NBC or no? What are your last updates on both cases? Thank you.
  5. I applied for N400 on Jan 2nd. I did my biometrics. On that biometrics NOA it has a box for “service center” and it says “NBC”. I didn’t get any update about my pending I751 since March2018, not my N400 , there hasn’t been any transfer as far as I know. Anyone has the same case?
  6. @Roy&Chanel Date of I751 submission: Dec 2nd, 2017 NOA 1 Issue date: Dec 6, 2017 NOA 1 Received date: I cannot remember Biometrics: Dec 26, 2017 I751 still pending California Service Center N400: Yes Local office: San Bernardino, CA
  7. You give me hope that I will be so fast processed for N400 like you! 👍🏼😃 what is your local office and processing center?
  8. Dzenana

    N-400, Oath and Dual Citizenship?

    I understand a lot of things are confusing. But please, read ALL the documents on USCIS regarding dual citizenship, you will see it is allowed to have a dual citizenship, under certain circumstances, and specially you are Canadian, come on, so many privileges you have, compared to the rest of the world.
  9. Hi! I applied online N400 on Jan 2nd, still waiting for my 751. I don’t know if my document N400 check list is correct as I haven’t gotten any request for additional evidence. I will tell you what I attached. The process online is super easy and once you are done, you will be able to download PDF form of N400, for your convenience. - Expired Green card (back and front), and 18 months extension letter (both pages) - marriage certificate - annulment of previous marriage of my husband - birth certificate of our son - certification of naturalization of my husband - all joint insurances where my name shows up like health and car insurance - tax returns of 2015/16/17, as 2018 couldn’t have been done. I will take that one to the interview one it happens - photos from relationship, marriage with kids, our travels together - bank statements chosen randomly from each year since we got married (like 3 of each year) If you have something more, just send them, because it is better for hem to have extra than to prolong process.
  10. I had N400 biometrics on Jan 23rd. I had BOTH of these messages on my status, and it stayed on “Case is being actively...”. Today, I got an e-mail, I guess this is an automatic system: “ We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time We will notify you when your case status changes. We last took action on your case on January 23, 2019.”
  11. Nobody can tell you what will happen, because some people get their interviews, even oath scheduled, without getting Green card. Go ahead and read all topics, I have done it, so many different experiences, no rules! Btw: I have been waiting for my I751 also (from Dec 2017), and I applied for N400 in Jan 2019, done with biometrics. Now...I’m waiting!
  12. Good luck! Yeah, Germany is tough with dual citinzenship, could you hold both American and German? Cos they request many countries to give up on their native citizenship in order to get German... I have filed for N400, so I am curious who has done the same and getting approved...all I can see from this forum, there is one rule: There are no rules 😤🤣
  13. Good news! Have you filed N400 yet? And how many here, Dec I751 have already filed for N400? 😃 Thank you!
  14. What is tier 2? When you call their regular customer service, and reach to the representative, and then what?
  15. I applied for N400 online on Jan 2nd, under 3 year marriage rule. I put trips I have had since I became LPR. I was a flight attendant and now imagine if I put all my trips before that going into 5 years😂