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  1. What do I need to apply for an SSN. I called an they said I need to go to the local office in Warner robins.
  2. In Warner robins GA with my lovely wife. Can't wait to get started and enjoy life with her. Thanks again to everyone who answered my questions and offered advise. Buana!
  3. Thanks everyone who answered my questions. My interview was successful and I was approved. Waiting to collect my visa and finish making travel plans..
  4. How do I get health Insurance in the USA, before I get a job?
  5. Her Mom actually doesn't mind, I could say I have a better understanding with her mom. She'e trying to be careful, but I guess with limited information she feels her personal information is not out. Hopefully we can sort this out and move on.....
  6. Is there an option where she can send the documents directly to them ?
  7. Here fear is the event where the documents gets the wrong hand, say her email or mine is hacked..she doesn't want her mom's info out there
  8. My wife is so careful with vital information. She wants to blur her mom's SSN from her IRS transcript. Does that alteration render it invalid? Her own information would be visible, she just wants to blur out her mom's SSN?
  9. My wife has visited me twice, my interview date is set for April 11th.. what are our chances of getting approved? Do I need her W2 we submitted that to NVC...
  10. My wife and I are at the NVC stage, but we haven't heard anything from the NVC since our documents were accepted. She's currently in Nigeria for our anniversary, should we visit the embassy for information ?
  11. Me and my wife filled the I-130 and got approved, we're currently trying to figure out between the I-864 and I-864Ez which one to fill out?
  12. Please I want to find out how long it takes for NVC process to interview after submitting documents
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