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  1. That is really nice to know...my dad had an interview on 11/23/2018 and we're still waiting for his visa and passport until now. it has just been few days only anyway. his ceac status just changed on 12/03/18 from pending administrative processing to issued. so hopefully, visa & passport packet arrive via 2go this week.
  2. if spouse is already currently married and is already in the u.s., the first 2 years is conditional...90 days prior to the 2nd year, you could already file an adjustment to permanent...same documents as i mentioned should/could be provided to strengthen evidence of your spouse to permanently stay here...what uscis is establishing is that marriage was really entered into legitimately and not just for convenience, etc...
  3. the best way to reschedule is to call the nvc or embassy agent to assist you with rescheduling - to be sure and safe... as far as rescheduling, i know there are qualification to allow rescheduling of interview...valid reason...if you can just push through with the initial date, that would be better as rescheduling might pose a negative indication...wishing you the best...
  4. it could mean either way...my dad had an interview and was informed that passport is ready for pickup...which he did pickup but along with it was another notice stating he was refused a visa and in the letter, the uscis indicated or marked off the reason why and what action to be undertaken. as of now, my dad just had his interview after satisfying the requirements as indicated in the letter and during the interview, docs were reviewed and at the end, he was informed that they will approve his application and needed to pay the visa fee which he did...we are just waiting for his passport with the immigrant visa stamped thereon to arrive... during the interview, your parents should have also been notified or a slip should have been provided to them...
  5. Hi...when I submitted an adjustment of status, i also included a notarized affidavit from 3 non-related individuals who know us very well as husband and wife. the affidavit is a declaration of how they met you, when, how long has it been, what they know about you and your spouse, including instances when they saw you together...they act like they are witnesses to your living together as husband and wife (legitimately)...any bank statements you have jointly? if you do have, then attach the last 6 months of bank statements...any property titles like cars? income tax return filed jointly?
  6. i recommend recalculating your income to show it at least meets the minimum poverty guideline of 125% for x number of household. To be sure, exceed it then attach supporting documents such as your income tax returned filed whithin the last 3 years with supporting w2's and 1099's...your income should show consistency and not major fluctuation to convince uscis that you are able to financially support your wife. the aos is an agreement that you will be supporting your beneficiary of whatever visa class petition when the beneficiary arrives here, in your case, your wife, so that she doesn't become a public charge. if ever you 2 divorce later on, you are still bound by this agreement. aos is for 10 years or until the beneficiary becomes a u.s. citizen. there is an article in the uscis site that explains how the sponsor becomes liable just in case beneficiary avails of some govt fundings/assistance. there is a penalty for that...wishing you the best.
  7. New Medical Examination is required if it has been a year since the last Medical Examination. For Example, if 1st Medical Exam was on Jan. 2nd, 2017, and until now, the visa beneficiary hasn't left the country of origin or hasn't gotten a visa yet to travel as of today due to some uscis/nvc requirements (administrative processing), then, another medical examination is required prior to the next interview appointment (usually 2 weeks before interview).
  8. Hi...to address it, just resubmit a copy of your filed income tax return (please refer back to AOS instruction as it indicates there that you only need to send the federal not the state). You have to send the 3 most recent tax years with supporting documents such as your W2's and all 1099's to match what you reported to IRS. You could also request a letter from your employer certifying you gross annual income for the current year to back up your income. I just submitted an AOS (which just got approved) attaching said documents...what I did was, despite the instruction stating either filed income tax return OR transcript, i sent both and made it sure that the filed income tax return is signed appropriately. You could also call the NVC/uscis for any clarification...they are nice enough to explain it. Wishing you the best...
  9. Since to be a lawful permanent resident means you are eligible because of some reasons. Since you are applying under K1 Visa, you have to show proof that coming over to live permanent/legally is due to you marrying your partner because of love. So any proof showing your mutual relationship, in addition to any other uscis docs you have, is covered to show your eligibility or to explain why uscis should grant you a visa to come and stay lawfully. wishing you the best...
  10. Hi, if you look at the AOS instruction form, it says there that if you feel that reflecting your income will help establish meeting the minimum requirement then you could. If you look at the AOS form itself, it is optional. So you may or may not but it could help to the total if you add it up. If you decide to use your savings account, make it sure you attached the last 6 months of bank statements. As far as your question whether it might help the application, again, it depends...if your savings will help meet the minimum requirement (pls refer to poverty guideline chart) then yes...the bottom line is, as long as you meet the minimum poverty line based on your household size, then you are good. Wishing you the best! I just prepared an AOS for my Dad...even if I met the minimum, i still requested my husband to be a joint sponsor just to be sure...just sharing...
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