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  1. And is it two separate fees that need to b paid?
  2. question sense I have to do two ds160s wen I schedule the interview how will that work? Sense my step child will go along..
  3. Oh And what days does the nvc send out I went through like 30 pages of the previous thread and can’t find it.
  4. Ok so we are doing k1/k2 so I need to do two separate ds-160’s? And also does the child need to attend the interview also?
  5. Is there a topic that shows current interview dates?
  6. Hurryupnwait


    When it’s time to purchase tickets does the K-1 and k-2 tickets need to be round trip or can they be one way? Asking because I seen on another forum some saying you have to have a round trip.
  7. New to the thread got our NOA2 Feb20th. Have a few questions on K-1,K-2 on if the child needs to attend the interview? And also if anyone has just any useful information others might have missed in this 153 pages. Consulate is Manila,Philippines
  8. Lol they received my evidence Jan 10th I’m still waiting so just hang in there!
  9. It’s been 20 days since the uscis received our evidence for the information they requested. Can anyone give me a number that I can actually reach a person to talk to because the number I called is just automated?
  10. Not much for whining but its very disappointing when you get an rfe return it bck the same day because it was somethings very simple but yet in=m still stuck on evidence received when ppl who have received and rfe 5 days after me and got an NOA2? Like that really is some🤬
  11. I tried that and was told no 3 times "lol yes i called 3 times hoping to get a nicer person"