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  1. My fiancee just passed her interview! We are so excited!! I am wondering if I (petitioner) should be expecting a letter in the mail regarding the approval to use for the AOS filing. If so, will they send it to my mailing address we put down on the I-129F or the intended address of stay my fiancee said during the interview?
  2. I went to the Embassy’s website (Manila) and clicked the link “Prepare for your interview”. On the page it has a section that said schedule your interview with another link that takes you to the main website to schedule
  3. Hello! In our case, it took about 3 days. What we’ve been reading on the forums, we expected a week minimum. For whatever reason, it was received and changed to ready really fast!
  4. Update! We are READY! Scheduling our interview now
  5. Woohoo! We are in transit as well. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Congrats! Out of curiosity, what questions did they ask? And also, did they ask for the affidavit of support?
  7. Next week? Awesome!! It seems that lately they ship out to the embassy every 2 weeks but hearing that they told you next week gives me hope that they will send ours as well!
  8. Woohoo! We got our case number today 11/28/18! Since we have our case number, will we be able to schedule the medical and interview? Or should I wait to receive the physical letter from the NVC to do all of that?
  9. We were told the same.. about the 8 weeks possible wait. But we have faith it will come sooner than later!
  10. Same here.. NOA2 on 10/30 and NVC received on 11/14. I’m planning to call in the evening to see if we finally got a case number.
  11. Long time lurker and first time poster.. Such a great community here! We got out NOA2 on 10/29/18. I called the NVC around 7am PST and they said that they received it on 11/14/18 but no case number assigned yet.. I was also told that it could be up to 8 weeks before a case number could be assigned. Should I call again later today to check?