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  1. The main issue is here for me. This is taken directly from the i130 page 8 of 12. on Part 5, Question 5, what exactly would I put for my i129F petition/fiance's K1 application outcome? is it saying petition only (the i129F only and not the visa application)? in which case i would put APPROVED for the i129F that i filed? or is it now Pending since I sent my Withdrawal request just this afternoon, not knowing if it has even been officially Denied or allowed to expire. Is putting Expired a possible option here? According to that piece of paper my fiance was given, it could still possibly be Revoked too.. or should i wait a few weeks and call USCIS to find out what they officially consider my case now?
  2. Question: moving forward with the CR1 application, after you marry your fiance, do you use the Alien Registration Number they provided your fiance when they first approved your i129F petition? or do they discard that number if your K1 fell through/is withdrawn before or after approval/denied/revoked, and you just leave it blank when filing the i130?
  3. UPDATE: I sent out my letter of withdrawal to the USCIS service center noted on my NOA2, with a copy of my NOA2, telling them of my intention to withdraw as I will be officially getting married. i sent it via speed post (it should be there tomorrow afternoon). for better or worse, the NOA2 has already expired (unless they extend it for "further review and possible revocation.") at the time of mailing out my withdrawal letter today. I also emailed NVC informing them of the same, as well as the reason, on their public online inquiry link. i dont know if itll be beneficial or detrimental to us, but it seemed like the only thing i could do. the rest is in gods hands man. ive already booked flights and set up an appt. for the no objection certificate to get married abroad. and though i was only able to get a few weeks off from work, ill be glad to see my fiance and get officially married, after waiting an entire year. if we get denied..then..i really dont know what i will do. its like analysis paralysis the longer i linger on VJ. so we only live once. do we stress duration? or quality? anyway, good luck to the others in a similar situation. i hope it works out. for us and everyone else.
  4. https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx if you have your NVC Case number, you can follow your progress there. call them if anything. for K1 visas, select immigrant visa for the link btw. as for the rest of your questions, im not sure im qualified to give you any advice as im in a situation of my own. all i can tell you is that my fiance was given her passport back during the interview along with the paper(document) I posted in my first post here. and then the NVC case status changed to "Returned To NVC."
  5. just a random find on google: https://www.marriagevisaattorney.com/call-it-an-engagement-ceremony/ this guy, who is apparently a lawyer, is of the opinion that as of Nov 2, 2018, you can do exactly what VJ members are advising against 😲😒
  6. i dont know if they could be considered romantic, we werent like kissing or anything but we did hang out in different places alone, sometimes holding hands, some pictures with family, some just the two of us. i figured being as old as we are (both 30-31), having a chaperone/lack of, wouldnt be an issue? it is 2018 after all
  7. hmm...well that hits home. i certainly see the point from that perspective. as to the p6c i mentioned, i worried about it after some folks on VJ mentioned Marc Ellis and then i read his articles and its..very enlightening to say the least. i wonder if it would be considered misrepresentation to unwittingly have a ceremony and then file for i129F thinking that marriages can only be done legally, and not socially. i mean hell, i gave the photos of our ceremony along with the other evidence thinking that that would only HELP us. to be clear, as far as i understand it, the ceremony was done in a hybrid fashion of buddhist and hindu styles, there was no official religious person to officiate, nor any temple or any court involved, nor papers signed, just some friends and relatives. growing up in ny, im used to everything needing documentation and fees to make something legit. so it took me by surprise that a simple get together would be considered a marriage, even if it was done in mock setup. im still concerned about any misrepresentation because it seems like others in my situation or similar situations have been worried about the same thing. i know that sounds dumb, but at this point, i dont know, what i dont know. the letter my fiance received (that is in my first post here) after the interview stated "review and possible revocation," and after reading the stuff Marc Ellis provided, it seems plausible at least that they could say that based on the CO saying we are married, while we adamantly think we are not. so although im going to follow the basic plan missileman and a few others here have suggested, i now remain wary of the future, thats all. because as i stated before, if they send a NOIR for the K1, AFTER we are married, the only evidence we would be able to show is the document stating my fiance was single after the interview and for the entire duration of the k1 process up to that point, and if that doesnt satisfy the NOIR, then it would still be noted that there was misrepresentation. and then id have to file the i601? and then who knows what else? ive also read that there is some lifetime ban for people? i dont want to be part of that. but anyway, i just want to start my life with my fiance. we are willing to wait however long it takes...but this time we want to be prepared.
  8. lol. why must there always be fighting ----------------------------- i dont know. based on what you guys have said, I was going to follow missileman's advice and just withdraw tomorrow (whether successful or not), even though the interview already took place and we received that ambiguous piece of paper. i have read some other posts regarding misrepresentation and i wonder if that would apply to us? we had no idea this would happen, otherwise we wouldnt have applied for the k1 AFTER this party, and waited all this time and spent all that money. anyway, our understanding was that we were going to get married by the upcoming December or January in the US anyway. so getting married is not an issue. we made the mistake of having a social ceremony BEFORE even applying for the K1, thinking that wearing fancy clothes, inviting people, and dancing with a DJ, would not be misconstrued as a LEGAL wedding, when we haven't signed any papers....but will this be a cause for denial for the CR1 then, moving forward? will there be some statement of misrepresentation? because all we will have to show if they send a NOIR, is the document from the marriage registrar of india we obtained AFTER the interview, stating that my fiance is not married. i plan to obtain my own NOC (no objection certificate), from the US embassy in New Delhi on arrival in a few weeks, then we will just do a court marriage, and file right away. i work for the city of NY and am unable to get off long periods of time to take off for vacation, etc, so I wonder what else will be required, but my main concern now after reading other peoples' post, is the misrepresentation that i keep seeing pop up with others who have a similar situation. --------------------- also, it was just thanksgiving man, lets all be civil haha
  9. according to the CEAC case status, it states "Returned To NVC" as of Nov 21, 2018.
  10. hmm...alright thank you missileman and debbiedoo. lets see what the future brings.
  11. Ahh...is the K1 application expiry date different from the I-129F expiry date? because I dont know the expiry date for the K1 application, but for the I-129F it was yesterday..(Nov 24, 2018). Do you know if they would still allow us to withdraw? For withdrawal, can it be done via their Customer Service number? Should we expect a letter stating a successful withdrawal BEFORE we get married? And if we are unable to withdraw...then do you mean we will still be denied for our spouse visa based on the previous K1 application? ----------------------- Fun fact: I saw your "signature." I was going to join the AF reserve or NG units while working my regular job, but decided against it when I met my fiance...who happens to be an RN. I'm a signals/electronic maintainer in NYC. This seems obvious to us, which is why the absence of such from any govt. entity, should have also sufficed to prove our previous ceremony as an engagement, not "too married." But oh well.
  12. Hmm...alright thanks missileman. Is there some time frame within which we can submit our letter to withdraw the K1? the original NOA2 indicated that the i129F petition expired nov 24, 2018 (expired yesterday). and the interview was only last week. can we still withdraw the k1 application? and if so...who do we address our letter to? i will call USCIS tomorrow and see what they say. I appreciate the quick responses by the way, you guys are good people.
  13. Yeah, that is what I've read here. However, even after getting officially married, would their reason for denial exist? and what did the CO mean when he said "get the correct dates on the marriage certificate?" others have been given a specific reason with rules cited on their paper for them to rebut. but ours is ambiguous. im contemplating flying back and getting married, but i dont want to make more any mistakes moving forward.
  14. Hey all, new to VJ, but I've been reading numerous posts here and have come to realize that this place is an excellent source of knowledge and guidance. As such, I thought I present our situation and see what feedback you guys would be able to provide. Before I begin, it should be noted that our K1 visa interview was not a success, and my fiance was given her passport back, with the Consulate Officer asking her "why she didnt file for a spouse visa," telling her that she should "get the marriage certificate with the correct dates" and "file for a spouse visa" and that "dont worry, this is not robbery." I (petitioner) met my fiance online and we talked everyday for about a year. Finally, I decided to go and physically meet her. I met her family and friends and then since that time I went back 3 times and spent 2 weeks with her each time, traveling around India and getting to know each other. Finally, I proposed to her and we had a social ceremony with all the bells and whistles. It was not religious nor civil, but we did have a ceremony, with the understanding that we would ultimately be married in the US where I work and live. I returned stateside and being under the impression that we were engaged, filed for a K1 visa a few weeks after the ceremony. In my I-129F petition, I provided the same photos as I would later send for the interview. These photos included pictures of the ceremony and of us traveling together. The I129F was approved with the same information and documents, went through the NVC without any trouble, filled the DS160, went to biometrics and medical and setup the interview. During the interview, the Consulate Officer kept saying she was married based on the photos we had submitted since the first day of filing the I-129F. She maintained that we were engaged, but ultimately, he handed her this piece of paper and gave back her passport with the comments I mentioned above. ------------------------------------------------------- Now I've read most people say that you should get married and file for the spouse visa. But I've also read Marc Ellis's articles regarding returned petitions. Mine was processed through California Service Center (based on my case number beginning with WAC). Most people on VJ say that it will expire and that will be the end of that. But then I have read that DESPITE being expired, there can be a NOIR (Notice of Intent to Revoke), which can result in a "P6C marker" which will require a i-601 waiver if it is not successfully rebutted. It has been a week since the interview and since then we have been extremely concerned about our future together and what options we may have. She has gone to the Marriage Registrar that has jurisdiction over the place where we had the ceremony ( in a party hall of a hotel in a small village by her parents house) and told them the situation, and they have concluded that if the ceremony was not religiously performed in a temple, and if no court was involved, than it is not considered a marriage. They then provided her a stamped documentation stating that as of the current date, she is not considered married in the eyes of the law. i should also mention that the I-129F was to expire on Nov 24, 2018, and we didnt know we could withdraw the petition or application, and so, we dont know what is going on at this point. With regard to the piece of paper she was given after the interview, we don't know what their reason was to deny us, other than being "too married" based on what we only considered as a social ceremony to indicate our commitment to each other. Since filing, I have remained stateside, in case I would need to address any correspondence, but we have talked for hours everyday. Without knowing the exact reason for denial, we don't know how to proceed. After the interview, we did obtain proof from the Indian Govt. that she is free and able to marry as a single person, with no prior divorce or pending divorce. I have seen one other case who was issued this piece of paper, but I don't know what their outcome was, or how they proceeded. What do you guys think we should do?
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