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  1. Hi All, I became a Permanent Resident through marriage to a US spouse since November 29, 2016. Last year I filed I-751 to remove conditions from my 2 year conditional green card. I then received an extension letter for an additional 18 months while my paperwork is being processed. I am still awaiting my 10 year green card. However, I read that while I'm awaiting the 10 year green card, I can apply for citizenship. I am almost done with my N-400 package. But I am wondering if it should be sent 90 days BEFORE my residency anniversary Nov 29, 2019 or AFTER?
  2. I am married to a US citizen. I recieved my 2 year conditional green card back in November 2016. I filed to remove conditions off the green card in October 2018. So far I have received a letter of extension of 18 months on the green card while my paperwork is being processed. When is best for me to apply for citizenship? And how long would it take?
  3. I'm married to an American. My 2 yr conditional green card expired Nov 2018. Prior to that, I filed I-795 to remove conditions. I later received a Notice of Action letter which serves as an 18 months extension to my green card while my I-795 is pending. I have even done my biometrics. In May I would like to travel to my country, Jamaica, for only 2 weeks. The extension letter clearly states to bring my passport, expired green card and the extension letter upon re-entry in the US. I just want some reassurance that this is fine to do so. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  4. I am married to my US spouse since February 2016. I recently filed I-795 to remove conditions of my 2 year conditional green card which expires November 29, 2018. I've already received an 18 months extension from immigration while they work on my case, and I have an upcoming biometrics appointment. I read that I can apply for Naturalization in my 3rd year as a green card holder before even receiving my 10 year green card. How true is this? And after naturalization, I want to file for my mother, how long will that take? I also have a younger brother, but I heard I cannot file for a sibling. I'm very down because I miss my family so much.
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