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  1. Found out today my case arrived at NVC this week they didn’t specify which date so I’m going to ring when they open and see if my case number has been assigned. Really hoping to make the April 2nd shipment to the embassy.
  2. Hopefully it all goes to plan for the both of us.
  3. Thanks for the clarification I wasn’t too sure.
  4. I think it’s usually the 5th and 19th but I’m not sure how concrete those particular dates are, it’s every two weeks. Me too, I’m hoping to be there before my birthday in May. Fingers crossed London has lots of interview dates available when we get to booking them.
  5. Mine is 23/2 and nothing yet, taking about 4 weeks at the moment so not unusual that it’s not arrived yet. I just hope I make the next shipment to the embassy.
  6. I keep hoping to see some good news from you. Hopefully you’ll hear something soon.
  7. Not yet, waiting until next week as my fiancé and I currently live in Europe so the long distance costs aren't worth it and he’s relocating with work next week. I did get an email yesterday from them in response to an inquiry I made online which said they hadn’t received my case yet.
  8. Yes it’s been taking longer recently.
  9. That’s good my NOA2 date is a few days before yours so hopefully mine is on it’s way as well.
  10. Yeah it’s taking on average 4/5 weeks at the moment. I got my NOA2 23rd Feb and I’m still waiting for my case to arrive. It’s best to use this time to get all your documents ready for your medical and interview.
  11. Ashley May

    Detailed Medical Experience at Knightsbridge

    This is great, I’m currently waiting for my nvc case number to be assigned and then I’ll be booking my medical. This was very helpful. Also I’m actually from Merseyside myself (even though I’ve been living in Luxembourg for the last few months with my fiancé).
  12. It’s currently taking about 4-6 weeks for the NVC to receive cases and assign them a case number.
  13. Thanks, I’ve already had my approval (Feb 23rd), just waiting on my case number now. Good luck with the rest of your journey.
  14. You don’t get a confirmation that they’ve updated your information but if you ask them a question about your case i.e has it arrived yet you will get a response to that. It is taking about a week plus at the moment to get a response though due to the high volume of emails.