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  1. Just received our appointment date for July 16th in London cc date June 7th we were very lucky to get so quickly
  2. Thank you. Hopefully we will hear something this week
  3. Hi everyone not seen london mentioned so curious to see if anyone has received there il and how long it took from cc? We received dq email June 7th
  4. This is what we received
  5. Hi everyone we received our dq email last week from the nvc saying we will be notified of my appointment date. How long does this usually take to receive for London? thank you
  6. Thank you. We thought that was the case but rapid visa say we still need a joint sponsor
  7. So my oh who is petitioner (cr1 noa1 November 2018) just recieved all of her tax information for past financial year. She earned just under the $20,500 needed but this is due to starting her job in April and having a lot of time off due to family bereavement . Based on a full 12 months she earns well over the required amount with wage slips etc to prove this. Will we need a joint sponsor or can we get a letter of employment from the company she works for and stating what she earns? Thank you
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