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  1. Thank you Sandra. You have been very helpful.
  2. Quick one! Children living abroad that are listed and are derivative can be applied for after vawa approval or after GC approval? Clarification is needed please. Can Sandra assist with this question. Thanks.
  3. Some super fast. Congratulations it's a very rare case when we have people that had stayed for almost two years without approval. Did you put your AOS on hold before filling up your vawa? Enlighten us abit
  4. Yes, some prima facie are for 6 months and renewable and some are for 1 year and also renewable if the need be. Rfe can still be issued after prima facie depending on the officer in charge or situation of the case. Our cases are unique and our story are never the same in it's contents.
  5. I have replied your message, you have a case as vawa is involved but that can be established by a vawa experienced attorney. Some people have NTA yet they filed vawa. So you need to get a lawyer to assist you as suggested by Sandra.
  6. I want to believe you didn't mention your own birth certificate, data page of your passport, Visa page, medical, police clearance from your country since you have not stayed up to 3 years. Be calm and get ready to talk to people who can help you get any of these things fast. Don't panic, after this final response, you will get your approval. It's can't be longer than when you summited your package. Where they are not available, give reasons and liase with your lawyer. You should be good. Just base on my experience I answered, not an attorney. We are all in together and we shall get result God helping us.
  7. Recent approval still stands at July 2017, while cases out of processing period is speedily moving to April, 2017. It's seems they want to clear the backlogged application before moving forward with final approval. It's now slow but could be faster later. It's unfortunate people in humanitarian need like vawa have to wait longer like this. It's really dehumanizing! I pray it's worth the wait. Any recent approval in August? Thank you
  8. Then my guess is somehow right as case outside processing time is moving and has moved to 20th of march2017 as of today, then last approvals has been July 2017 since September 2018.
  9. What is the current month they are approving now as it's seems they were approving backlogged from Jan, Feb and March 2017 while the current approval has been in June /July 2017 for two months now. It's quite slow and highly discouraging but we got no choice than to wait. Any latest approval apart from july2017?