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  1. Did you finally receive a case number?

  2. Hi! Our case is awaiting input at NVC so while we wait I am trying to muddle my way through the maze that is the I-864. Obviously my husband will be the main sponsor but since he has only just started working in the US this past August after 12 years in Australia he is not going to have a US income to report on the I-864. I was under the impression that our joint sponsor would file an I-864 as well, but now I am not sure lol. So can someone please clear this up for me? My husband completes the i-864 and our joiint sponsor also completes the I-864 and NOT the I-864a... is this correct? Thanks in advance , will be SO GLAD when this nightmare is over... ugh. Liddia
  3. eeeep... I hope so too!! heres hoping you get some good news soon!
  4. Finally!! 5 weeks after receiving approval. So how long do I give them before i start harrassing them.. hmmmmmm. August 20, 2019 Case Was Sent To The Department of State On August 20, 2019, we sent your case, Receipt Number LIN1890547317, to the Department of State for visa processing. You can find general information on Consular Processing by visiting our website at www.uscis.gov . The website will provide information on what to do next, who to contact, and how to inform us of any changes in your situation or address. Current as of today at 11:58 a.m.
  5. Wow.. as if I wasn'r confused enough already haha. I am currently in the US (returning to Australia end of next month ) waiting to hear from NVC to begin processing. I am trying to be organised and ensure that I have all the relevant documents ready but this whole Police Check business is hurting my brain so I am hoping that someone can lay it out in really simple terms.. do I need an AFP check OR a NSW check or BOTH? I thought I needed that AFP check only but after soing some reading I am super confused 🙄 Also, given that I am in the US and won't be back in OZ for about 6 weeks do I NEED to get a check with fingerprints?? This would be problematic for obvious reasons..it may mean i go back to Australia sooner to prevent any further delay... ugh..or could i go to a police station here in Texas to have my fingerprints done? I would appreciate if someone who actually knows could help me. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I received notification of I 130 approval over the phone on the 18th July. I still havent received my NOA2 in the mail and have not received any email/s confirming the approval. My USCIS online account shows the approval however. Should I call NVC to see if they have received my case yet or am I just being impatient? TIA
  7. Mine still says the same too. We received approval over the phone on the 18th but nothing has changed on my app either
  8. Hi! Yes I have travelled twice now under ESTA, once with my USC husband and son and this second time alone while they were here in the US. No issues at border at all. When the immi officer at SFO asked why i was here I told him I was visiting family, he asked what family and I told him my MIL. He asked where my husband was I told him he was already here and i was coming to celebrate hubbys grandfathers 83rd birthday. He wished my a happy visit and sent me on my way I was here for 7 weeks the fist time, I was in Australia for about 10 before leaving for the US again.
  9. Hi I received confirmation by phone from USCIS that my petition had been approved on the 18th July. I am the beneficiary. I am currently visiting my husband and son in the US. My NOA2 will be sent to my address in Australia. My question is as follows. Is there anything I can or should be doing BEFORE I ( my mother ) actually receives that letter ? I would appreciate any advice you could offer OR if you could point me in the direction of the correct thread that would be great also. TIA
  10. Well that would depend on who you believe lol . Our hard copy said July 27 2018 . The website said August 1st 2018. Anyone’s guess really. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Hi Aussie Tam, you said your youngest daughter moved with you, does this mean you have older children still in Australia? I am REALLY REALLY struggling with being so far away from my older kids. If you have older children back in Oz how did you cope ?
  12. Hi folks , I am currently in the US with my husband (US citizen) our son (dual citizen) I am leaving for Australia on Easter Monday leaving then both here as my husband is seeking work and my son has started school . We have a pending I - 130 which was submitted last July and isn’t looking like being approved until June ( it just keeps getting longer and longer). I am returning to Australia for my daughters uni graduation and had planned to stay until the entire vida process as complete but it appears that it going to take MUCH longer than first thought so I am wanting to come and visit once more before coming back to Oz to wait for full approval . At the end of this trip I will have been in the US for 7 weeks .i have my NOA1 and my NOA2 will hopefully be granted early June. I am Wondering how long i should wait before going back to the US ? I don’t want to wait too long as I don’t want to be away from my husband and son for too long but I also don’t want to create suspicion by returning too soon, if you know what I mean. Does anyone have any advice Onhow long would be a reasonable amount of time before visiting again ? TIA F
  13. I worry about this myself . My husband is the USC and we ( he, our son, and myself ) packed up everything and moved from Australia to Texas 6 weeks ago. I am still awaiting approval so I am really only here visiting until all of my paperwork is approved. I leave in 2 weeks to go back to Australia 1) so that I don’t overstay my ESTA and 2 ) for my daughter’s ( from my first marriage) uni grad. I will stay in Australia for a couple of months and come to visit again before going back to Australia until my application is complete .... the whole visa process is taking FOR.EV.ER. We lived in a beautiful part of Australia and well Texas ain’t that! We moved because we had come to a standstill , we were stagnating and we needed to shake things up a bit . We currently live with my in-laws ( which is rough) until my husband lands a job and we get on our feet so we can move on. Our boy (7) left a lovely little catholic school to attend a much larger public school but he appears to be coping really well and liking school as much as he did in Oz. It will be hard for me to know if we have made the right decision until we are out on our own and not living with the in-laws so I am trying to reserve my judgement until then . My situation is different from yours though in that my husband said even before we left that if we ( ANY of us ) are unhappy and wants to go back to Australia then that is what we will do . BUT I think we have to at least give it a chance first. I left a lot in Australia... 2 children (22 and 18) and I question daily if we have made the right decision. Only time will tell I suppose. Talk to your husband... you have already given so much. If he’s not willing to listen or compromise then maybe that is all the answer you need on what you should do. Good luck to you xx
  14. yes I do. One said July 27 one said August 1... no idea why that is. My Noa1 said July 27
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