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  1. Hello! So my mother is going to be my husband's financial sponsor. Her income alone is sufficient, so we did not include his assets in the form. He is the only beneficiary. How do we answer Part 6 Question 22? Thank you!!
  2. Hey fellow Chilean filers/sponsors, Has anyone else been having issue with the Santiago Embassy over the last few weeks? We had scheduled our interview for August 16th, but when my fiance arrived, they turned him away because they accidentally scheduled too many interviews for that day and would not take him.. Finally, he had his interview on August 30th, was approved, and the officer said it should take about 5 days for him to get the call that his visa was ready. The officer even put a sticky note on his passport requesting a speedy process. It has now been 25 days since then and we are starting to worry. We have been in contact with them over email, but they just keep telling us to wait and that they will contact us when it's ready. Of course we are worried and frustrated, but wondering if others are experiencing similar delays. Any thoughts? Thanks! KA + BE
  3. Hello all, My fiance and I have been working on a K-1 visa application since November 2018, but it is starting to look like he will not be ready to apply for AOS until after the new public charge requirements take place... I am currently a university student, and my mother is our joint sponsor for the K-1 Visa. Her income is well above the current minimum for an AOS sponsor, but I am worried about how the public charge rules will affect our process. Does anyone have any idea what we can aspect to face in these upcoming months? Thank you KA + BE
  4. I am in the process of gathering all of the documentation for the I-134 forms for my fiance's interview this month. My mother is going to be my joint sponsor, as I am currently a university student. Does she need to include a letter stating that she is the joint sponsor, or is simply including her forms and supporting documentation enough? Thank you!
  5. Hi Mike, If we know the date of his interview before he goes to work, he can still leave an go to the interview. We just need to know the date. Thank you!
  6. Hello! So we received a notification from the NVC that our petition was being forwarded to the Santiago Embassy to be processed. My fiancé is starting a term as a park ranger in June and will not have any contact until August 2nd. We were hoping to have all of our dates sorted out before he leaves. Can we schedule the interview (online form) and medical exam before we receive correspondence from the embassy? Thank you! KA+BE
  7. Hello, After we received NOA1 and NOA2, the USCIS sent our petition to the NVC for processing. After 36 days of no updates, I emailed the NVC on April 30th asking what was happening, they replied saying our petition was being forwarded to the Embassy in Santiago. We completed DS-160, and now checking our visa status on CEAC, it says "no status." Does anyone know what this means and under what circumstances we should expect it to change? Thank you! KA + BE
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