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  1. Yes, as I said, we're now waiting for NOA2... I confirmed with my friend who is now in the US with k1, she said I'm supposed to get NOA2 as well as she did.
  2. I thought beneficiary gets NOA2 as well? So, when will I get a packet to get the interview scheduled?
  3. Hi! I just want to share my fiance and I progress as October 2018 filers and also, ask a quick question. I called USCIS 2 days ago, and this is how it went... (non-vertabim) Me: Hi, I'm the beneficiary, can I ask a question about my case status? Operator: I can only answer general questions since the petitioner is not around. Me: Okay, is it possible that the uscis.dhl.gov website says it's still under review but the NOA2 is actually already on the way? Operator: *stuttering* uhh... that's possible but I can't really say anything else. Me: Okay, but it's possible, yes? That is a general question, isn't it? Operator: Yes, it's possible, but again, that's the only information I can give you It sounded so sketchy hows he answered me, so I suspected that a changed ensued on our case. My fiance called 2 days later (last night) and they said that we were APPROVED and NOA2 is on the way!!!! I checked myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov but until now, it's still NOT updated. But at least, they confirmed now that it is on the way The question, how long does the mail usually take? Especially for those who are from the Philippines? Thank you
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