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  1. Hi guys, your advice is so important for me. I applied VAWA with I485, I360, EAD and travel document couple months ago. I got my ead and travel document card ( combo card ) couple months ago. My question is ; My father's health is not good and I haven't see my country more than 4 years. I wanna give you some information about myself. I came to USA as an F1 student visa on 2015 . And I never lost my student status until i got my ead and travel document. I have no criminal record in America, and I have never been to an immigration court. I have never lived illegally in America, and I have no criminal record in any other country. So i do wanna visit my country for 3 or 4 weeks. When i came back to USA will i have any problem entry? Please advice me. I’m really feeling bad now. Thank you so much Also i will pray for you @sandranj God bless you guys
  2. Which Penndot Do u know adress? And what documents did you show supervisor?
  3. Some DMV employees don't know anything. So always try to talk to supervisor or manager at DMV. Don't forget show the documents first ( from DMV website ) . If they still making problems, tell them i want to talk supervisor or manager. It's your right, they have to give it.
  4. You are welcome I think you should print all the pages and tell them it's official. www.dot.state.pa.us/Public/DVSPubsForms/BDL/BDL%20Publications/pub%20195nc.pdf Just print out 12 pages and show important paragraphs
  5. Look show them this picture. I took screen shot for you from PA DMV They need to renew your DL with 180 days extension. Talk them and show them. www.dot.state.pa.us/Public/DVSPubsForms/BDL/BDL%20Publications/pub%20195nc.pdf Also
  6. Sandra, I have been living in America for 3 years on a student visa and I still valid. I met my wife in September 2017 and we applied for marriage on Valentine's day. My wife and I have the same religion ( I'm muslim ) and we are students. My wife is American citizen 21 years old and I am 23 years old. My wife, me and a roommate are living together in a two-bedroom house. 1-) One month after I got married, my wife punched me during the discussion and I went to the emergency room with my roommate. I got a report from the hospital, but I didn't complain about my wife. ( My roommate is my witness because he was at home when my wife punched me ) 2-) In the second month of marriage., when I said I wanted to divorce, my wife attacked me with a knife and I called 911. Me and my best friend also recorded it on the video when my wife attacked me with knife. I have police report and 911 record. 3-) Last month, my wife tried to slap me when my dad with me, and then she tried to threaten me, me and my dad went to the police department. Also fo bonafide marriage I have joint lease agreement , Joint bank account ( we opened 4 months ago ) and I have some my wife's mail to the address we live with. There is no tax return because we got married Feb 2018. I and my wife don't have cars, so we don't have car insurance. According to the agreement between our roommate and I, my roommate have pay the electricity bill because bill under he's name, and we have to pay the only internet bill. More than 200 different photos ( wedding, she is family and friend ) gifts, letters each other. 1500+ pages text messages ( PDF ) since January 2018. Text messages from my wife's mother and she told me her daughter is bipolar with messages. I didn't apply to green card during the marriage because I was worried about my wife. Because my wife was always threatening to deport me. I found out about VAWA last month. I have no criminal record, and I will graduate from software engineering within 2 years. I've been under psychologist treatment for the last 4 months. Finally, there are the apology messages my wife sent to me, the threat messages, and the messages my wife said she was cheating on me with she is ex , and the messages my wife said she attempted suicide. And my wife's always bothering ( with text) to my friends. My wife still wants money, even though we filed a divorce 20 days ago. There are things that I don't think about right now. Please, your advice is very very important to me. I'm going to apply to VAWA soon, but I don't know if I have enough documentation.
  7. Yes, I will work with the very very good immigration law attorney in my state.
  8. @sandranj Hi Sandra can i contact u with message? I really need ur help Thank you
  9. My lawyer was shocked. My lawyer gave me an hour to talk to my wife and told my wife that if she doesn't calm down, we'd use our legal rights. My wife and I talked again outside, and we got a new appointment from the lawyer. After couple days my wife called my lawyer and left a voice mail. My wife swears and insults to my divorce lawyer by voice message. My lawyer would have decided to arrest her, but my wife agreed to divorce and signed the papers.
  10. @CEE53147 First of all, I loved my wife and complaining about her would be a bad stain in her life. If I wanted an arrest warrant for her, my wife want to be a nurse in the future, and this arrest could interfere with her life. Second of all, can you think more smart? Why do you think hundreds of thousands of people apply for green card every year? Or why there are 20,000 people waiting to hear from VAWA. I had a marriage. And I've been subjected to physical and psychological pressure many times. And there's 100% evidence of what I'm saying. Do you think the whole problem is that I wanna apply for VAWA?
  11. @Going through I found the best law firm in the state I'm in. They examined my case, and they're not a lawyer who accepts everyone's case. In fact, my lawyer has served well in ( big position ) UCSIS for years before. Helping my case they agreed. It's been 14 months with my wife, and all the texts we've sent each other from first day. 1- Only messages will show how crazy my wife is. I've transferred these messages to PDF and it's more than 1500 pages. 2- Police reports and attack videos are best real evidence. Instagram and Facebook messages are still keept. 3- My wife doesn't want to divorce from me and she still want me to have a child. My wife told my lawyer that she didn't want to divorce me if I didn't have a child with my wife. 4- The video clearly shows my wife attacked with a knife. It's also a witness on attack day, and I have that day text messages between my wife and me for proof attack video.
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