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  1. After first panic and a lot of researching now I started thinking that this discrepancy is not a super huge deal just like you said. I will just translate my birth certificate to the way it'll match my passport and forget about it (fixing birth certificate would be a real hell because of where I live). Thank you soooo much for your replies! I started feeling a lot less worried 😄
  2. Embassy did not care about this discrepancy at all! And I would just forget about this after interview but I know that I may need birth certificate for marriage certificate and for AOS. So I'm scared that different names may cause problems. But now I start thinking that probably it will not because it's not written in English.
  3. I had the same idea - I will need birth certificate translation for future so I will have in with name that will match international passport. You said that they never look at Internal passport... What about birth certificate? Will they look at it?
  4. And if not? Will it create a lot of problems? I'm just suprised that CO or his assistant did not care about this discrepancy in my interview at all. So apparently it doesn't matter for issuing my visa. But I'm scared that it will create problems with marriage or AOS.
  5. International passport matches ukrainian one, but not birth certificate
  6. The way it written in Ukrainian. That's the problem. Birth certificate in ukrainian and National passport of Ukraine don't match 😔
  7. Thanks for your reply! My names are diferent because I was born in Crimea that had 2 official languages I guess. Birth certificate of me and both of my parents are made in russian (official language back then in Crimea). But our passports were done in Ukrainian so of course name were diferent - transleted to Ukrainian. My original birth certificate was lost so right before interview I made another one. And because now Ukraine has only one official language - birth certificate is in Ukrainian too. But the problem is that in my passport and all documents my namy is actually translated to Ukrainian but this new birth certificate has my name translitereted from russian.
  8. Hello everyone! Today I had my interview and I was approved! Super excited but have a question that bothers me a lot. I was born in Crimea, so my birth certificate was in Russian language but my parents lost it and I got a new one in Ukrainian language. Problem is this ukrainian birth certificate has another spelling of my given name than passport and every other documents. Will it cause problems down the road? What should I do? I will apreciate help a lot! Please.
  9. Hello everyone! I scheduled my interview for K-1 visa for May 16th. Medical exam - May 14th. Closer I get more questions come up to me: 1) I chose clinic for medical exam from 2 that were listed on embassy's site. But then I heard or read somewhere that embassy actually tells you what clinic to choose but it never happened to me. I did everything correct, right? 2) I misspelled few words in original I-129F. Or not misspelled but translated my address, name of my employer and my dad's name differently in I-129F and DS-160. Will I have any problems because of this? 3) Do I need to bring whole petition and all documents that we attached to it to the interview? Or I'll need only most recent photos and Skype talks? 4) When I was filling DS-160 form I still was employed but by the time of interview I'll quit. Can this cause a problem? Please help me with answers or I'll go crazy 🤣
  10. Things went by so fast! 😀 April 16th case went "in transit" and April 18th it's already "ready"! Even I'm still not ready 😂 Filled DS-160 today and had alot of problems with "session timed out". I hope I'll have visa in a couple weeks.
  11. I'm so confused now... So if I got NVC number, can I already pay fee and fill DS-160? And another question: can someone else pay Visa fee for me? I'm in Crimea with no banks that are good for paying fee. And closest one is like 8 hours away 😢
  12. Finally got NVC number. It took exactly 3 weeks from NOA-2. How long it usually takes to send case from NVC to embassy?
  13. We called to NVC - they still didn't receive our case ☹️ It's been 3 weeks after NOA-2. Is it normal to wait for a NVC number for that long?
  14. Hello guys! We were approved at March 10th and till now we didin't receive anything from NVC. I wrote to them a week ago on site and still no reply. Also wrote directly on email - no reply too. How long you waited till any response from NVC? Should I call them?
  15. I know that doing that we can make good money but this life style is not for me. And not for my fiance I think that's one of the reasons why he wants to quit job and be home more. Thank you very much for your answer. You definitely gave us some ideas what to do 😉
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