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  1. Than you. Also, did you just declare all of your clothes and personal items on the customs card?
  2. Hello, My fiancé is arriving tomorrow and I'm wanting to help prepare her for what to expect. Is it standard to have the K-1 visa holder go into secondary screening to go over the visa packet she's bringing or do they often handle it right there at the first counter? She had a little bit of an intimidating secondary screening incident while visiting on a tourist visa a year ago. Any insight into what sort of questioning she'll likely get? Thanks, Flynn
  3. Hello, Do you need to declare and pay duties on your personal items that you're bringing with you when you enter customs coming in on a K1 visa? Thanks, Flynn
  4. Flynn G

    K-1 Interview checklist items question

    Thank you. Then what is the first item on the check list that is the "Appointment Letter"? They ask for both the "Appointment Letter" and the "Online Registration Confirmation Page". Thanks! Flynn
  5. I've read some older process instructions that mention getting fingerprints done before the interview. Is that still valid? We didn't see anything about this in the actual paperwork we've received so far. After getting the medical all you have to do is show up on your interview day with your paperwork right?
  6. Hello, On the list of items on the K-1 interview at Guangzhou it asks for: "Online Registration Confirmation Page": Print and bring the online registration confirmation page after you register online with our authorized visa application service. When registering, you will be asked to provide us with information we need to return your passport to you after your interview. This is in addition to the DS-160 print out. When I signed up for the account on ustraveldocs.com there was no "confirmation page". Did anyone else figure out what this needs to be or how to get it? I've attached the checklist for reference. Flynn K Visa Instructions-English DEC2018.pdf
  7. Did you call the customer service number at the consulate where you're having your interview?
  8. See attached, it was for the part you fill out with ustraveldocs. There was nowhere to print out a confirmation page that I could tell.
  9. Does anybody know how many times you can cancel/reschedule your appt before it causes an issue? Thanks, Flynn
  10. I don't recall any part of filling out the visa application form (ustraveldocs.com) where there was a online registration confirmation page? Does anybody know where to get that?
  11. My fiancé has an old DS-160 number which the application is defaulting too from an earlier tourist visa and it wont let me anywhere change the number to her new DS-160 application? How do I fix this?
  12. There was a note when you first log in about being careful to match up your DS-160 number to your user profile, but there is nowhere to put it in your user profile? I'm confused.
  13. Thank you. Do you know if the accounts got combined into the original account or into the new one you set up? The problem for us is that the original account was set up and completed with a username (email) and password from somebody at visa services company who helped her with her original tourist visa several years ago. We want a new account with username and password that we set.
  14. My fiancé was filling out her visa application to pay the fee and schedule the interview. At the end of filling out the form it said she had to transfer a prior account that already had all the same information. She thinks it was from when she applied for her tourist visa. It forced her to transfer account and then gave a screen to upload her passport and then said to wait for an email to transfer the account and she couldn't go further. It seemed strange, anybody have this before? At this point we cant submit the application and its a little concerning. Flynn
  15. Flynn G

    Medical Appt in Guangzhou Question

    So we want to pick an interview date now that we can (thinking 2/22). How does it work with the timing of the Medical Appt? Is it just pretty easy to get whatever date you want for the medical exam? How many days before the interview should I schedule it? Just worried we pick our interview date and then have a hard time getting an available medical exam appt. Thank you