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  1. I just wanted information regarding procedure after BIA approval
  2. I dont believe that Board can reaffrim & ask to reapply a new case When u already have option to reapply Either Board will Reject or accept
  3. please everyone stay on topic we are assuming if one appeal is approved what are the further steps that's it regarding NOIR and EOIR there are hundreds of thread existing in VJ
  4. So Bia approved your apeal . Did u payed nvc fees again ? With new case number from nvc ? Or bia send approved case back to uscis and they send to embassy directly . Nvc was not involved.
  5. Im not asking about time in which embassy coduct interview , i know every embassy have different Im asking about time in which it reach from BIA TO EMBASSY IM ASKING DOES IT COME BACK TO EMBASSY FROM NVC WITH NEW CASE NUMBER AND FEES ?
  6. I know we can apply again but all i want answers of these because we dont have enough information regardig process of appeal after approval of BIA . Thats what i and all want to know
  7. Plus how much time it takes once the case is approved by BIA to reach Consulate thanks
  8. Thanks pushbrk for reply. After noir we got revocation , Once we appeal ON EOIR 29 WE GOT NEW CASE NUMBER FROM USCIS NOW THE CASE IS IN BIA ONCE APPROVED ASSUME WILL WE HAVE TO SUBMIT DS260 FORM AGAIN , PAY NVC FEES AGAIN AS USCIS GAVE US A NEW CASE NUMBER WILL BOARD SENDS CASE DIRECTLY TO EMBASSY OR THEY SEND TO USCIS THEN to embassy or BIA sends to USCIS then NVC then embassy I know that case reafrimmed by USCIS can be denied by embassy but case apprived by BIA can be denied again as well Thank you
  9. Hi there my I130 interview was refused then NOIR Issusef by USCIS then revoked I apeal EOIR29 to Board My Question are if the apeal is approved Will i have to pay NVC fees again or it will go automatically to Embassy ? Will my case number at NVC will remain same or i will get new case number Can embassy refuse BIA approved apeal on Interview ?
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