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  1. My fiancee (USC) has been arrested for having on him a small dose of amphetamine drugs I din't think anything of it because i only found the drug problem for the beneficiary being an issue (i am clean as a whistle)... Do you think this would be a problem?
  2. Thank you guy so much! This advice means the world to me! Any opinions on using lawyers or web paperwork services like Boundless? @TM92 Just want to be 1000% sure that it would be done right. I know a lot of people did it alone but i'm sure i read somewhere that they don't do as much RFE as before, just denying before allowing you to correct the mistake or send more evidence.
  3. Thank you everyone! You help out so much!!! Do you think a lawyer is needed and helpful, or maybe web services like "boundless'' who assist the paperwork, if someone had experience with those? Sure is reinsuring, though i just did stumble on some cases that ware majorly complicated because of that ( ) but still not too big of an issue like the ban or something like that.
  4. I read a lot on this site and just saw people saying lifetime ban, separation, etc. every time someone mentions AOS on a visa that is not k1, and when i called a lawyer he said its a risque - same thing... So I am really interested how often does it actually happen that a couple decides to get married on a different visa spontaneously and gets punished, separated and deported because of the suspicion of intent? I was looking for any case like that on here but didn't come up with anything.
  5. Understood, thank you! Do you think the proof of bonafide that we have so far(that i mentioned above) is enough? If not i would maybe rather go with a k1 or cr1 because it gives more time to gather everything, but if it sounds enough for the initial filing aos sounds better because at least we are together.
  6. As far as proof goes - we have photos of our relationship from the beginning (last year) till now, our texts and calls while we were apart, and we can easily get a joint lease and bank account as well as letters (more then a few) from our friends that confirm the relationship - would that be enough to file? And i can provide my college enrollment, plane tickets for traveling the US and coming home that i bought prior, and stuff like that that proves that i left an active life back home planing to come back to it, should we send that too?
  7. With all due respect and thanks for the answer - i am already aware of the options, but I posted here hoping someone with experience with any of these processes would give me their opinion about what they think is the best (and safe) rout considering the circumstances. I read a lot about every possible way, but law explanations and expensive lawyer opinions aren't worth nearly as much as the opinions of people who have been actually dealing with these procedures and have experience based advice.
  8. Oh no, i am not on a K1 already. I said above that i came in on a J1 and got proposed to so i am considering AoS here, leaving and applying for a K1, and marrying and leaving to apply for a CR1. Im just thinking what is more safe and secure considering the described situation, but still allows me not to part from my (now)fiancee for too long.
  9. Exactly what i'm afraid of - the long time we loved each other and the history we have is in the same time prof of bona fide relationship and a reason to suspect the marriage was pre-intended (even tho the proposal was spontanious) an a risque of being occuesed of visa fraud or something like that...😫
  10. Thank you for the reply! You don't think our history (the time we know each other and have been on and off) or the short period i am here (couple of moths) would be an issue for an AOS?
  11. Hi, Last year i was on a J1 program (5 moths program with no 2 year home ties requirement) and i met a guy i instantly fell in love with, we were dating the whole time knowing that it has to come to an end. When i came back to my home country unexpectedly we stayed in contact, chating here and there once in a few weeks, a few skype calls and so on (not in a long distance relationship just talking frequently). Then one day he came over to visit me, the old flame was back on again but we sadly parted again. Kept in contact. This year i went on my J1 program again and saw him, couldn't part how much we missed each other. Now, after my third month passed he proposed to me (feeling like he is the love of my life whom i missed for too many times i instantly said yes). We don't want to waste one more second being apart but we don't want to risk making a wrong move with all these procedures so please give me advice and as fast as possible. 1.I know one option is getting married right away and doing the adjustment of status - but the concerns are - i heard that if they think this was planed or intended there are major consequences, so that makes me worry considering that we have been on and off considering the circumstances of being in a different continent, that they may think it wasn't spontaneous or something like that. Please let me know if this would be an issue? 2. If you think the first option is risque, is it better (more secure and faster) to get married and go back home and apply for a CR1 visa, or maybe just part now again and apply for a F1 fiance visa (heard those were faster so we can be together again sooner)? Should note that we don't have any often required "paper" proof of classic marriage yet (just got engaged), like leases or joint accounts so i'm not sure how much time we have to make that happen before filing fort AOS or even the CR1 if i'm overseas. Please, please give me advice, everything means a lot.
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