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  1. i m actually asking what is the next step ? noa? i don’t think will be that long we hire a company to do it for us anyway we shouldn’t have a problem with our documents, just wondering next step is Noa probably
  2. So 3 years to get an interview 😂 That how long u are waiting?
  3. How come 6 month to get noa?
  4. Hy well this is the first message we got after submitting our files, how long it will take? So no need to do anything? What is the next steps? Thx
  5. Hy guys please help, we received a message with receipt number and notice home for I-797, can someone advice what is next step? Thanks
  6. I.never been married before, I would like to ask if they need a proof of that from my country? Please help
  7. Anyone knows how long it takes to get the interview date in abu Dhabi, we just now sent out the documents to us is!? Thanks
  8. if the petitioner had been arrested, could be denied our petition? im the beneficiary, i have no criminal record but he has... is still undergoing
  9. lavinia77

    k1 visa help

    i would love some guidance if anyone did it in Abu dhabi, how long it takes ? any info would be so much appreciated would they cancel my tourist visa for k1 visa?
  10. lavinia77

    k1 visa help

    thank you so much this a great news im really happy
  11. Dear all, please help me , i am living and working in the United arab Emirates and work here for the past 5 years, my boyfriend intends to file k1 visa from California, would i be able to have my documents and interview done in UAE, as i live here? please assist me is very important to us to know what address can i put in