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  1. Please is the website changed ? Because we are trying to pay the money but it take telling us that the website can't be found !
  2. Hello VJ ! Please I want someone to help me with the network that I can pay the fees at USCIS for my green card before flying to the united States . Any help is very appreciated .Thanks .
  3. What about the single entry immigrant for CR1 validity ?
  4. I have to change my appointment again because of medical result issue for the new year ! Hmmm .
  5. Thanks you all for your comments , I really appreciate it .
  6. Is making a mistake in your DS-260 for your reaffirmed case and after you had requested to amend it at the consular going to effect your approval at the time for your interview ? Pls any good advice Will be appreciated ,thanks .
  7. @Paa Qwesi , NVC don't schedule appointment for reaffirmed case , so I did it myself .
  8. @Boachie it took almost five months now .
  9. Thanks God that was able to schedule an appointment now on Tuesday 18 , 2018 . I'm praying for all of us who happened to go on such route , may God Almighty help us all to over come this long journey.
  10. Bob let me know if you have been able to go through with the rescheduling otherwise please get in touch with me on 0541409055 or sogiir200@yahoo.com.i.e iv case id not found issue.

  11. Follow members pls help me out on this matter , I'm trying to rescheduled an appointment on my reaffirmed case but it keep telling me that my case number can't be found in the system. I'm am really confused pls help me out get solution on this matter , thanks !
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