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  1. Thank you so much for posting! My fiance and I will be in the same position later this year. He does not have any vaccination records either. It is very good to know that he can go to a doctor and get these shots and tests. Now I am curious: which vaccinations is the "triple viral" serologia covering? Also, when you talked to the doctors, did they say that those procedures (triple bacteriana shot, triple viral serologia, and varicela serologia) can be done by any doctor? Or will those embassy-approved doctors want to do it themselves? If my fiance can take care of these things during these months when we are waiting for NOA2, that would certainly be more efficient! He lives in Cordoba, and it would be annoying to have even more things to take care of in BA. But of course we know that he will have to go to BA a few times anyway at the end of this process.
  2. Very helpful, thank you so much! I'm curious: when you were finally able to go get an interview date, was there a lot of availability? What was the soonest interview date available to you at that time? (Or is that what you meant by a couple of days?)
  3. Yeah, OP needs to clarify his ESTA status. He mentioned particular dates, but maybe he made a typo or something. He doesn't declare that he overstayed. And that seems like something that he should know already.
  4. Well, right, that's what I'm saying. If the OP is able to visit the US with ESTA (unclear, given what could've been an overstay before), then maybe the safest route is to not file for K-1 or CR-1 until after the birth. Or file for K-1 in early summer and aim to visit the US during the waiting period using ESTA. Either way, there's risk of getting turned away at POE, but the risk is relatively low, right? (Unless, of course, OP did overstay already.)
  5. I feel like nobody in this thread is prioritizing the pregnant fiancee. Maybe the best path is whatever allows the OP to be physically there with her when she gives birth (and for the month or two after). Because giving birth and caring for an extremely new baby is, ya know, just a little bit difficult. Getting a visa/green card as quickly as is humanly possible might not actually be the most important thing here. Let's assume for a moment that OP did not actually overstay his ESTA on his recent trip. Could he enter the US again in July/August using ESTA and stay with her for a couple months? Or would he be considered too much of a risk for overstaying? (Let's also assume he has the means and job benefits to take this additional 2-3 month trip to the US, just for the sake of argument.) Obviously at some point later -- when things are calmer -- he would need to leave the US and go for either K-1 or CR-1. There is no scenario in which this new family gets to be together as much as they want. But it might be in the couple's best interest -- and the child's best interest -- to prioritize being together in the July/Aug/Sept range. Even if she has a great support network... if she has pregnancy complications, OP is probably gonna feel awful for not being there. Anyway, many of you on VJ have way more knowledge than I do about what is permissible, and maybe there really is no way to make this happen. Just wanna advocate for the human side of this situation.
  6. He won't be paying his 2017 back-taxes? Or he refuses to pay taxes even moving forward? Not paying his taxes is a recipe for financial and legal disaster. Yes, there are super-rich people who have gotten away with tax evasion for decades, in part due to lax enforcement (especially in the last ~15 years). But this is not a wise strategy for anyone, especially someone without an army of lawyers -- and it's unethical besides. If he is caught then he will be in a big financial hole because he will owe all the back taxes. And I think you should assume he will get caught if he makes a habit of not paying his taxes. You said earlier that your fiance is self-employed. As a self-employed person myself, I know it can be incredibly difficult to remember to put away enough money each quarter to pay estimated taxes. But that is exactly what he must do to avoid getting into a hole. The quarterly deadlines for paying estimated taxes are April 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and January 15th. And while it can seem daunting to figure out exactly how much tax he owes in a given quarter, there is an easy (though slightly riskier) method. He can see how much he owed on last year's taxes, make the assumption that his income will be the same this year, and therefore divide last year's tax total by four: presto, that's the amount to pay each quarter. This method is fine by the IRS -- the only risk is that if your income is quite different from year to year, you're more likely to either owe more or get a big refund in April. Yes, this is just a visa forum, and as Greenbaum said, it's your life. But this issue is not minor, and it will affect more than just the potential success of your visa application. If you're married to someone with serious legal and financial problems, those become your problems, too. Sorry to add to the tough love, but you're right to be worried. Here's something that might be useful: https://tax.findlaw.com/tax-problems-audits/can-you-go-to-jail-for-not-paying-taxes.html
  7. Yes, I know this. Obviously. I'm only asking about the act of *booking* the interview slot and the medical slot. What the instructions imply is that you are supposed to fully complete the medical exam before you can even go online to BOOK the interview slot. So what happens if we do the medical exam, go online, and then see that the next available interview date is two months later? That would mean a 2+ month gap in between the medical and the interview.
  8. I'm not in any way suggesting that we do the medical exam after HAVING the interview. I'm asking if it's okay to SCHEDULE the interview (as in, go online to book the appointment) before the medical exam has been completed, since it would be possible to also schedule the medical exam so that it happens before the interview.
  9. Hi all. I was reviewing this document that is, apparently, what the Argentinian embassy emails out as its Packet 3 instructions: https://ar.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/K1-K3-Instructions-packet.pdf It contains a list of all items that must be mailed to the embassy. If I'm taking this instruction document 100% literally, it says that the medical appointment should be completed BEFORE we go online to schedule the embassy interview. I'm basing this off of two things in the document. First, one of the items that is supposed to mailed (along with everything else in Packet 3) is a photocopy of the Medical Exam envelope: Then, further down in the document, it says that only after all these documents have been mailed to the embassy may we schedule the visa interview. But this doesn't seem like it follows the order laid out here on VJ in the guides or in people's timelines. It seems like the typical thing is that, around the same time that people mail back Packet 3 to the embassy, they start booking the appointments for BOTH their medical exam and their embassy interview. And I feel like I've read that the medical exam is supposed to happen pretty close in time to the interview, ideally just a week or two before. It seems like if this embassy's instructions are correct, there will be a huge gap between the date of the medical exam and the date of the interview. It would take time to get the medical results back, mail in a photocopy along with everything else in Packet 3, and *then* go online to book the first possible embassy interview date -- which might not be available until a month or two later. Anyway, this is all way far off for me (I'm the USC and I just filed the petition last month). But I'm trying to determine my fiance's likely timeline at whatever point we get into the post-NVC phase. Might it be acceptable to mail back everything else in Packet 3 except for the copy of the medical envelope? Then move forward with scheduling the medical exam and interview?
  10. Slight edit to my post above: I got the text message from USCIS on December 26th, but just today I received the actual paper letter in the mail. And the "notice date" actually says December 24th. So I guess it was processed pretty quickly! Arrived at the dropbox on a Thursday, then Monday got issued the NOA1.
  11. I FedExed my petition on Dec 19th, it arrived on the 20th, and I got the text message saying it was received (with CSC case number) on Dec 26th. So I think you should be getting your notification soon! Did you sign up to receive alerts? If not, then you might actually already have a case number and just not know it yet.
  12. Hello December filers! I'll be joining your ranks soon, woohoo! My beloved and I made our engagement official on Wednesday down in Argentina. Now I'm back in the US and I'm so excited to get started, even though I know this process will involve a lot of waiting. My goal is to FedEx the I-129F packet before Christmas. I have most of the materials assembled, with just a few more additions needed. Good luck to you all. Can't wait to share/commiserate/celebrate with this cohort.
  13. Great, thanks so much. And yes, it will be easy to cover the last 5 years of his life. His life has been pretty stable -- he just happens to have trouble receiving mail!
  14. Hola a todos, I'm excited to be joining these forums in anticipation of filing my I-129F sometime within the next couple months. I'm the USC and my beneficiary is Argentinian. My question is about the mailing address that I will write down for him. Will it cause problems if I use his best friend's house as the mailing address? On two separate occasions last summer I mailed things to my then-boyfriend (a birthday card and a fun little surprise package) using his home address in Córdoba. Neither one ever got to him. The package got returned to me with an unable-to-deliver notice, and the card is in Narnia, I guess. Basically, the issue is that my boyfriend's house does not have a mailbox. The local postal worker is supposed to knock on his door or leave a note saying they have something for him, but evidently that system doesn't work consistently. So naturally I am afraid that official correspondence (like the packets) wouldn't reach him if I used his home address. But his best friend's house seems to have a functioning mailbox, so we were thinking about using that as his mailing address. Of course, I'd still write in his home address in the part of the I-129F asking for physical address. Is it okay to have someone else's residence be the beneficiary's mailing address? It seems like it should be acceptable right? Or will it raise some sort of flag at the embassy? Muchas gracias.