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  1. So you are the US citizen? In your country (which should be the USA?), people don't call each other husband and wife until they are married. What is the bride's price? Like a dowry?? This is also not an American thing.. Any kind of 'wedding celebration' (legal or not) makes you too married for the k1.
  2. Your income is below the poverty level. Isn't the i-134 requirement something like ~ $23k/year? Your bank statements, savings should've been included in the initial evidence to make up for that shortfall. It looks like they are requesting a co-sponsor on that form you uploaded above and I'm not sure savings will satisfy them now since they request a co-sponsor. p.s. Don't print out 100 pages of bank statements. A letter from your bank and a couple recent statements would've satisfied that requirement. Not sure if it'll help now though.
  3. This seems like a bit of an extra hassle. But if you don't mind applying for her to get a tourist visa for Canada, then sure. Personally, if I were you, I'd book her flight directly to the US to avoid dealing with Canadian immigration issues unless that is super easy (no idea, I am Canadian haha)
  4. Why risk invalidating your K1 visa? Or risk not being able to leave the US once you enter? I wouldn't even try to do that personally. Whatever concert you want to go to isn't worth the risk to me. Just move and use your K1, or miss the concert.
  5. https://www.sram.qc.ca/international-student/useful-information-by-country#american You may want to talk to a professional (maybe a guidance counselor at your high school?). The way I interpret the chart in the link is that the end of high school in the US (and the rest of Canada) is completing grade 12, which means completing the 1st year of Cegep in Quebec? If that's true that blows 😕
  6. Don't book any flights until the visa is in his hand.
  7. Has she inquired about what the hold up is? Our interview was last week and I got my visa today. Most people get theirs within a week of interview it seems. Did they say anything at the interview that could be holding up her file? I would think requesting the passport will delay your case even further so it doesn't seem like an ideal situation to request it back..
  8. I was on a J1 visa in 2012 for 3 months (summer job) and an F1 visa for 2 full years (2013-2015; MSc degree). I just had my K1 visa interview on Wednesday. The officer seemed happy actually that I already have so much experience in the US on those previous visas. That will help you, not hurt you as long as you disclosed your previous visas in your original application. We did, and even included copies of those previous visa docs in our original i129f and hopefully you did the same. I also brought those original visa docs to my interview, but they did not ask to see them (I think it shows up on their computer screen anyways).
  9. I had my interview this morning in Montreal and I was APPROVED!! Wooohooooo!!
  10. I was there for over an hour, but the actual interview was like 5 mins aha
  11. You should not email P3 documents (or submit the DS-160) until the date changes again (what I've called 'the SECOND READY'). You'll get the date change probably 2 weeks from now. Emailing those now or anytime before the date changes again will delay your case, and you'll get an angry email from the consulate (based on what others who did this said).
  12. They will not ask anything about your work history or education. I was APPROVED TODAY
  13. Nothing on the DS-160 came up. I was APPROVED!
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