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  1. I'm also still waiting. How did you find out where your application is? I might inquire about mine too in a few weeks
  2. The title of this thread implies that she is a 2-year green card holder, but in your original post you say she has struggled to get a green card (which tells me she doesn't have a green card?). If she's got a removal letter I am going to guess that she has no green card and is in the US illegally
  3. Does anyone know if there's been movement with interviews / interviews waived for the Norfolk office? I've been sitting on "Ready to Schedule Interview" since Jan. 10, 2020.
  4. I've been sitting on "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" for exactly 2 months now. Not complaining, I've got a ways to go with the Norfolk office, just poppin' in since it's been awhile!
  5. And I should add that I had my k1 visa in my passport for 4 months before I entered the US. The timing worked out perfectly for our wedding that was already booked in advance (sounds like your situation is the same).
  6. We got married on day 75 and USCIS received our AOS package on day 88. So yes
  7. I just got my EAD/AP combo card AND my SSN card in my married name in the mail!! My middle name is missing from my SSN card. It was on it on the old one. My EAD has my middle initial. Is my middle name missing on new SSN card a concern?
  8. Could you change delivery with USPS? Maybe they could hold it at post office and you go there and pick it up?
  9. Can you guys share success stories of getting through the green card interview with separate bank accounts? I posted a few weeks ago about USAA not letting me on my husband's bank account and after doing the w8-ben 3 times, 2 questionnaires, they have THE NERVE to ask me to re-do the w8-ben and an explanation for why I provided an address in Canada - HOW ABOUT BECAUSE THEY ASKED ME FOR A FOREIGN ADDRESS AND SAID ON THE PHONE TO JUST PUT MY PARENTS ADDRESS. But Whatever. I'm not even convinced it's the right form since I'm a resident alien and not a non-resident alien. So done with USAA. Every agent says something different and it's just ridiculous at this point. We will combine finances once I have my green card. My EAD is mailed and I already have my own US bank account (through RBC - a Canadian bank). Guess that's where my pay will go into starting next week since USAA doesn't want my business. Ugh, rant over. I hope you guys have some success stories to cheer me up over this horrible customer service experience I've had (that started in December, that's when my husband first tried to add me to his account).
  10. Update: I now have the "Card was mailed to me" message. Yay!
  11. Is it weird that my EAD/AP was approved on Feb. 6 and I haven't heard a thing since? I was expecting to see the "Card was mailed" update but nothing yet.
  12. My EAD just got approved yesterday with no expedite. 3 months total. So i would just marry asap on the k1, sent in AOS packet a few days later (assuming you get your marriage certificate that fast like we did) and 3 months later (give or take) you'll be working. You can use that 3 months to volunteer etc which is what I did to pass the time. And I already have a job offer that I will start the day my EAD arrives in the mail (late next week i assume)
  13. Update! Both EAD and AP cases now say "Case was approved"
  14. My EAD was approved this morning!!!!! Status says "New card is being produced". At what point does AP also update? Tomorrow?
  15. Ours took 10 months but our wedding was booked so far in advance I waited 4 months to enter and still had 75 days before our wedding hahaha the opposite problem of most people
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