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  1. affidavits from friends and family about the abuse, and about bonafide marriage have to be notarized? how about the psychological evaluation, should it be notarized?
  2. dont you need a ss# for uber?...
  3. Is it going to be possible to file for VAWA after Feb 8, if there is no reauthorization before that date?
  4. Hello, I was wondering, if now that VAWA expired, is it still possible to apply for it? or should I wait until it gets reauthorized if that's even ever going to happen..? what do you advise? THank you
  5. so it doesn't really matter if my current counselor doesn't have a masters degree yet? besides proof that I have been attending counseling sessions, I need a psychological test and evaluation? so I need these two things? thanks
  6. I never went to a shelter because some friends took me in instead. I'm going to a counseling clinic that I found and is very affordable. The thing is that most of the counselors at this place are intern students working on either their master degree or PHD in psychology/counseling. The one I'm working with is working towards her masters and currently has just a bachelors in psychology. would that be ok? or should i look for someone with at least a masters? thanks
  7. hi , im new to the forum. for vawa can the therapist be any type or it has to be of an specific type? (what education/degrees should he/she have) does it has to be a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist? what do you recommend in order to find a good one at an affordable rate?