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  1. Yes the same information as the dd-5535, interview was no more then 15mins after they figured out what info was needed for the wavier process.
  2. My fiance went to Madrid embassy, they ask by email for the extreme vetting information and forward the information along. They may take the information at the interview if it's complete with all information needed. I summit new information to them by email and they add it to her file.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/opinions/2019/03/19/trumps-travel-ban-couldnt-stop-their-love-others-may-not-be-lucky/ This proves that the wavier process is a sham, it shouldn't take national news coverage to get a wavier approved. The state department outside of the case officer working that case most likely never even looked into the case until it hit the news. "Extreme vetting" and all following paperwork done in two weeks, to say "hey look we are granting waviers" They are
  4. My fiancé who is an Iranian had her interview in madrid yesterday, she is studying there for the past two years under a student visa (medical field). She went into the interview and the office did not review her file before the interview. The office was surprised she only had a Iranian passport and not a spainish passport also. No where on the multiple paperwork filed did we say anything about a spainish passport. When my fiancé told her that she only had a Iranian passport she closed the folder on her desk and began to apologize about not being able to do anything. She only asked her brief and simple questions about us and then went to go speak to her supervisor for ten mins about what to do. The officer told her she needs to look into a cr1 visa and start the process over because it’s easier to get a waiver. She said no Iranian k1 visa waiver has been approved since 2016 (not sure if she was talking about the madrid embassy alone). She also mentioned the undo hardship in our case would be for the u.s citizen (me) and not her. The officer told her she will help out the best she can and get started on a wavier but issued her a 221g request for more information which includes -email addresses used -travel history for the past 15 years -handles for all social media -cv resume -prior passport numbers -past jobs -past phone numbers -letter from sponsor