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  1. When you get a date for an interview, you can pay and do a medical examination.
  2. I wish everyone good luck this week who is waiting for approval
  3. I received approval 21 days after they received my documents. I hope that you will be faster, I understand that it is very difficult to wait, but it will be. Everything will be fine!!!
  4. No email notifications. Just updated the new site, it is very strange because when I was given me RFE, then my e-mail had a message from them. I have the next day and I have no messages from them)))) but it doesn't matter to me anymore.
  5. I haven’t received a letter to my mail yet, although the new site has been updated. I was approved on April 15
  6. I did not receive an approval email, the old site was also not updated, and on the new site I only saw it in detail. Check yours too.
  7. I see people update their profile today April 17th. And uh oh again January !!!! nothing came to me, today.. nothing again.
  8. I think our cases are in the same box somewhere in the far corner
  9. When did you send?When did they get your answer?My documents they received on March 28 and nothing
  10. considering that January is already approved. I think they had enough time to consider Our case.. It has already been 6 months
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