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    Well where would I begin? I met Girly December of 05 and after only a few chats and emails I was truly lost. Never in my life had I met a more caring and beautiful woman. Soon we were calling and video chatting everyday. She is a live in attendant for an American ex patriot and we were graced that she had the internet in her home.

    In March of 06 I made my first trip and on the 20th we were engaged to be married. Our first attempt at our I-129 was returned to us stating that we had filled out expired forms...what a let down. So again we filled them out and sent them in after my second visit in September of 06. After patiently waiting 3 months later we realized that the packet had been lost in the mail...it seems things were not going our way.

    So February of 07 After making triple copies of everything and including copies of our original September filling we sent our I-129F registered mail on Valentines Day. Well it would seem that the third time was a charm and we received our NOA1.

    Going crazy to see my love I again left for the Philippines for the month of April. Never in my life have I known such happiness. May the 9th brought us our NOA2 Approved!!! So now we wait for our packet and appointment dates.

    To all of you about to start the journey remember just take your time and be persistent. In the end almost anything is possible if you only stick to your guns and make it happen.
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