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  1. HI Everyone, Its really traumatic, painful and stressful having a proceeding divorce with upcoming removal of condition. I really dont know what to do. i tried to convince him to see the marriage counselor but he didnt agree to it because he said its not necessary because our issue is we are not connected to each other or no mutual understanding. I tried everything that i can but it wasn't enough for him because his expectations are not realistic. So he filed the divorce 2 days ago eventhough I didnt want it but I cant do anything than praying. And now Im thinking to move out because i cant stand seeing him everyday because Im hurting and falling apart. He told me that me and my son can stay until our divorce is final. And he said that he will help in my immigration process. My questions are: 1. Moving out while the divorce is still on process will affect my upcoming application or will make it more complicated. 2. Since the divorce process will take 3-6 months, so by the time i will submit my application to the immigration, our divorce is still on process. So i will indicate still Married in part 1 and should i indicate joint filing or waiver --divorce? But my husband still wants to help me with the process. It will be helpful or worst? 3. What evidences do i need to prepare to prove that our marriage is legitimate. 4. do I need lawyer Your answer and help is highly appreciated. Thank you in advanced. Im hoping for the response..Have a wonderful day..God bless to all.
  2. hi everyone, im new here. I really need help. Im married for about 3yrs already. But I cant take it anymore. i was verbally abused many times by my husband that pushed me to attempted suicide in front of him due to frustration and depression. and because he knew everything in this country he called the police and reported what had happened. But after that we still decided to save the marriage but its not working anymore. My heart is broken already. now, my questions are: my ROC filing will be on Feb 2019 1. what is the best thing to do, File the divorce now and file ROC by myself or joint? 2. filing a divorce will affect my ROC application that will cause denial or deportation? Please help me, i really dont know what to do i have teenager son with me and my husband wants to kick him out in his house and send him back to our country. your help and response is highly appreciated. God bless to all.
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