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  1. Hi, I m in same boat situation with ur electronic I 94 - also mine on the website doesn’t show my latest arrival it only shows the entry from before, I’m in AOS from B2 - marriage based w us citizen and overstay. I dont know if will be ok to attach the I 94 with that information, please if you any help from a lawyer can uadvice thnx in advance.
  2. Hello I am in process to fill my package to USCIS based on AOS through marriage w an US citizen (concurrent filling), I entered US on visa B2 in 12/02/2017,and overstayed, now I am happily married. Therefore trying to fill the forms I have noticed that my I 94 has the different information than my passport entry stamps. Anyone know to advise for My case I 94 with wrong “ most recent date of entry” but in travel history and passport visa stamp is all correct what should I do? What information I put in the forms? I attach the I 94 like this but with proof of correct entry in US? I mention that I called CBS and the told me they can’t fix it if I overstayed, and advised to fill for I 102 with USCIS. Anyone had a similar case?
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