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  1. If you search through Potomac's recent approvals, you will see it. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/monthly_filers.php?form=2&visa=3&scenter=6&option=3&sortby=2
  2. KayMFrench

    Need help!!! I-130

    Everything you're planning to submit and were told to submit seems about right. The mother's ID thing is a bit odd, but who knows? Don't forget to also include TWO passport-sized photos of Petitioner and TWO passport-sized photos of Beneficiary! That IS required. Wish you all the best! (Also in my husband's I-130 packet, I included his passports stamps showing that he has entered the US to visit me, and my passports stamps showing all of the times I have visited him in the UK. I also attached letters from our family and friends validating our relationship. These are just suggestions to help strengthen your case!)
  3. KayMFrench

    Oath Ceremony today!

    I got choked up reading this. I’m so emotional lately, lol. 😂 Congratulations to you and your wife! What a journey! May you continue living a happy and healthy life. 🙂
  4. Petitioner: US Citizen Beneficiary: United Kingdom Mailed: 10/31/18 NOA1: 11/16/18 - Potomac
  5. I visit my husband every three months. Any longer than that and I’d probably go insane. 🤣 Literally the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that this situation is only temporary. I have to tell myself this multiple times throughout the day to get through it. It’s so hard being so far away from the person you love. My husband and I always tell each other, “One day, one way.” Basically that one day, the plane ticket will be one way and we will finally be together. ♥️