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  1. They already planned to open in May, and the news today says on or after June 4th. on or after could be June 4th to November 4th or even after. Not good news for anyone.
  2. Yes, leave now, because currently it is very difficult to travel, and you may have flights cancelled numerous times. Also, in 30 days the EO will be reviewed, and it's possible additional restrictions will be put in place. Additionally, most embassies are closed except for emergencies, and reissuing a visa could take months.
  3. Look at his further comments in the thread, and he says he isn't sure of the status of K-1 visa's. He guesses they'll be ok, but needs clarification from the DHS. But guessing will get us nowhere.
  4. Great post by not_an_immi_lawyer over on Reddit that really breaks it down clearly who is affected or not... The big question mark will be K-1 visa's.
  5. This is currently unknown at this time. Let's hope by the afternoon Covid briefing that some details are provided of this EO, which has not been signed or publicly shown yet.
  6. If you have a pending AOS case, you'll be fine. There have been no reports of language invalidating pending cases in the EO drafts.
  7. Sorry, I read it wrong. It's 1 in the morning in China as I was hoping Trump would have signed his EO by now. Eyes can't focus anymore!
  8. No, once a PR, always a PR, unless you do something incredibly illegal that could threaten your eligibility.
  9. None of his previous EO's have been temporary though. I'm just going by history, and no expert thinks the economy will be bouncing back for at least 6 months or longer, the travel industry will be damaged for at least a year or two. If this is to stem the flow of workers coming in so Americans have a larger pool of jobs, 2 months isn't going to amount to anything.
  10. Today. It's not on the schedule, so my guess would be during or just before his daily Covid briefing.
  11. Which immigrant visa? And to be honest, we have no details yet ,they should be released sometime today.
  12. There are conflicting reports saying LPR may be included. Let's wait for the actual order to come out later today.
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