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  1. Idk what the confused face is for. I'm the petitioner. My husband's the one waiting. I spent 12 years in Turkey with with him. My son's 8 and my daughter's 11. I love my country but it's been almost two years . I can't handle much more honestly I don't care whether it's in the US I TURKEY that I live as long as we are together. It's just taking so long whereas his country it was one week and everything's done ...
  2. It's the 9 week. And i know some of been waiting much longer.. what I'm really mad about is you pay all this money.. wait all this time.. you receive a case number and government telling you we don't have a time frame when it clearly states on thier site that thier is a time frame .. I have a case number that been assigned to me to track my case yet you don't know anything.. not buying it.. at all.
  3. Tired of NVC ... Tired of the embassy ... The state department.. tired of recieving the same freaking answer over and again . Ppl should be mad as hell when it says 60-90 days with PD CURRENT TO get an interview. I. Sorry but why is K 1 quicker. I'm sorry but do.you have children that have waited to see thier dad for almost 2 years.. my expedite was denied. What gives a fiance visa a quicker visa. That's some bull right there. Sorry for ranting but I'm fed up. About ready to pack up and move back to Turkey. It's ridiculous.
  4. Idk if this helps anyone. But I was told the same thing by Ankara embassy.. but I see ppl waiting longer...
  5. I've been through doing the process in Turkey.. the counselor told me because I was holding a permit resident in Turkey that I needed to move back to America even though my residents was at my parents place. They wrote letters stating that. I had to move back to the US TO FILE For HIM. They gave such a hard time about me being a resident here and holding two places as my home. They may not with you. It depends. But most ppl I have talked to were told to go back to the US GIVE up your residency in Turkey. Also do you know applying for a k1 visa for him maybe faster .. ??
  6. It really isn't that hard to marry. Just go to embassy and tell them you want to marry in turkey.. if you've been divorced you will need the original copy of the divorce decree.. they'll give you a paper to give to the Turkish court so you can get married in Turkey. Have your partner ask Turkish immigration if there can be extension of the tourist visa.. Its worth trying..
  7. Yes it is. What they told me in to fly to Germany. Get a ticket back the next day and get yourself a new tourist visa but you have to be out the country a full 24 hours. I didn't do it. Lol. I opted for permnant residents card. The bad thing is they don't have a long standing residency visa. I think I could only go three years .. so every 3 years I had to renew it. I think as long as you can prove you will move to America and your residency is being maintain .. and you have bills .. bank accounts.. your driver's license is maintain.. there was other things listed also. But it's alot of Hassel to prove it. .. you've got a long journey ahead.. main thing is patience.. which I'm fully running out of. Lol..
  8. I just caught the bit about returning to the US. But what I'm confused about is if your getting residents card there that may be an issue. I had mine for 12 years and had to relinquish it because it plays into being able to prove domicile..
  9. I'm a little confused. Are you living in Turkey at the current moment. Because if that's it you still file the I130 FROM THERE. And you will have to prove you have domicile in the US. Which can be difficult . If your applying from the states he will have to stay in Turkey. Getting a tourist visa for him during that is going to really hard to get. Especially after filing for an I130. I had to come to the US with two kids while my husband waits in Turkey. It's been over an year. It's hard yes but very doable.
  10. There's been people waiting a long time for Mumbai. I believe they have a whattsapp group..
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