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  1. No worries, Yes I do have to file I-485 and my spouse will need to file I-130. I AOS from an F1 visa.
  2. Thank you for the prompt reply. I was told by an immigration lawyer that I should send all evidence when I file the application otherwise USCIS might send a request for evidence (RFE)
  3. Hi, My husband and I got married in January and want to move in together. We live in LA and rent here is ridiculously high so we're thinking about renting a room or guest house since it's cheaper. If we do that, we won't have any bills under our name, no lease agreement, electric, internet... The only thing we can get is probably a letter from the landlord but nothing official. Do you guys recommend renting a room or should we try to get an apartment in a complex in order to get all the bills and lease agreement under both our names? Thank you.
  4. Hello, I got marriage last month and I'm working on getting everything ready to file. My question is about joint bank statements: Will we need bank statements with detailed charges over a certain period of time, or would a letter from bank stating that we have a joint account enough? Do we need to disclose the amount of money in our bank account? Thank you!
  5. Hi, I am an F1 student in the process of AOS (sending package in March). What are my options when it comes to health insurance? What is the most affordable insurance I can get? Can I get for example ObamaCare? Is it good? Thank you.
  6. I am creating an account on SSA website right now. Thanks.
  7. Well, my fault really... I was looking for health insurance and got a call on the phone from an insurance salesman and he asked for my ssn, which I stupidly gave away. Is it being used without my permission? I don't know. But the idea that someone else knows it bugs me.
  8. Hi, I'm an F1 student that just got married 2 weeks ago. I will file for AOS in March. I was on OPT a year ago and was given a social security card. However, I'm wondering, when I apply for work authorization during the AOS process, will I get a new social security number/card? I hope I will because I believe that the current one I have is being used without my permission. Please advise. Best,
  9. Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Just to make sure everything's clear, I know that my name changed the moment we got married but that's not the last name we want to have. Here's an example of what happened: Person 1: Amy Aleppo Person 2: Mike Chadsmith After marriage, Amy took Mike's last name so now: Person 1: Amy Aleppo Chadsmith Person 2: Mike Chadsmith The couple now wants to have the following names: Person 1: Amy Lucian Person 2: Mike Lucian When Amy files for her AOS, she will put her current married name (Amy Aleppo Chadsmith) but while UCSIS processes the package she's planning with her husband on getting a court order to switch their last names to Lucian (a process that can take up to 6 months) When is the best time to do that? Should we get the court order now or wait?
  10. Hi, My spouse and I got married last week. We wanted to start a new lineage with a completely different last name. That was not possible here in California so I took his last name and kept mine as my middle name. My question is, when can we change both our last names? Will it interfere with my adjustment of status (I am filing in late February)? Will it confuse immigration if I file with my current married name and while the package is processed, I go ahead and start the court process to change our names. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. That's something I'll have to figure out later... But yes we do have enough evidence. Thank you!
  12. Forgot to mention that I moved here on a student visa. My goal was to attend college and get a masters, nothing less, nothing more.
  13. Hi everyone, My boyfriend and I are getting married soon and we're debating wether or not we should do a confidential marriage (it's allowed here in California). What that means is that there won't be any public records of our marriage for people to get. We are considering it because we are gay and I come from a muslim country that criminalizes homosexuality. I just want to be able to go back and forth to see my family safely. I fear that if I get a normal marriage license, everyone could easily find out by doing a simple google search which in turn could jeopardize my safety whenever I go back to visit. Also, my boyfriend isn't out to his parents either so he doesn't want them to know just yet. Will having a confidential marriage raise any red flags for USCIS? We are truly in love with each other and genuinely want to get married. Please advise. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the prompt reply guys. When you say USCIS "accepted" the package, you mean when they've received it?
  15. Hi, Me and my boyfriend are getting married next year (January 2019) and I am trying to find as much information as possible since we are not hiring a lawyer. I was wondering if there were any helpful guides out there for F1 students besides the on VisaJourney? Based on my understanding this is how the process works after getting married: I. Mailing AOS package which consists of: I-130 PACKAGE Cover Letter Personal Check for USCIS Form I-130 (Filled out by US spouse) US Spouse's Birth certificate F1 Student's Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate 2 Passport Photos (US Spouse) 2 Passport Photos (F1 Student) Evidence of real marriage I-485 PACKAGE Cover Letter Personal Check for USCIS Form I-485 (Filled out by F1 Student) Copy of F1 Student Passport Copy of I-94 F1 Student Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate 2 Passport Photos (F1 Student) I-693 (F1 Student) I-864 I-765 (F1 Student) II. USCIS RECEIVES PACKAGE III. BIOMETRICS APPOINTMENT IV. INTERVIEW V. WAITING Please let me know if I'm missing any information. Thank you.