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  1. Hi Jenn,


    this is in response to the question you posted, sorry I'm sending this directly to you and not replying on the post as the other posts is about rescheduling and I see that others are following.


    First off, congratulations on your CC and congrats on your baby girl! 


    My question to you is about your baby. What was the process like to obtain documents for you baby to cross the border? THe process was fairly simple and straight forward. If born in Canada, the child is a Canadian Citizen, hence only a valid Canadian Passport is needed to travel.


    My understanding is I would need to apply my baby girls birth certificate then apply for a US passport interview with myself my husband and my baby to show our marriage certificate and his passport? 

    After birth, everyone needs to apply for the birth certificate. Without this, you can't apply for anything.

    If you wish to travel before your CR-1 is approved, you'll need a Canadian Passport for your baby girl. Otherwise, for the CRBA, requirements as follows.

    1. Childs' birth certificate (you may also bring secondary evidence like ultrasounds, hospital records to support biological connection between U.S. Citizen parent and child).
    2. Parents' valid government-issued ID/Drivers License
    3. Evidence of U.S Citizen (Passport/US Birth Certificate/Naturalization)
    4. Marriage Certificate (if previously divorced, you'll need proof of termination.. most of what you've already submitted in your CR-1)
    5. Proof that the American parent met the physical presence requirements prior to birth of baby. (School transcripts/Employment records etc.)

    I have also heard  the CRAB is strongly recommended too. Yes, I agree with others and personally think it is strongly recommended. Once you have the CRBA Certificate, you baby will be DUO Citizen. Both Canadian & American.


    What was the process like?  Which steps did you take?

    1. Complete the DS-2029 - App for CRBA & DS11 Passport App

    2. Schedule Appointment at US Consulate in your province

    3. Attend appointment with spouse fully prepared (Checklist will be emailed to you after you make your appointment. I can share the list I received if you wish).


    How long did it take all together? We had the interview on Jan 03, 2018 and received the CRBA certificate and daughters' USA Passport on Jan 18, 2018. 


    Also I was curious if you flew or drove for you POE? Could you share anything about your entry experience?

    My husband lives in California, therefore the only way that I can get to him was to fly. 

    As I can recall, check-in and go through security like usual, but at the US Customs part, (before you get to go to the gates), I was taken to a room where they took my paperwork, asked a few questions. I waited about 15-20 minutes. Once they were done, they stamped my Passport (which was the temporary Visa, valid for i believe 2/3 months) and gave me a white sheet of paper saying Welcome to the United States. That was about it, I don't know if it was easy for me because I had my daughter with me or if that's the actual process. That's all I can recall.


    I hope the above helps, If you need anything else or have any questions  please feel free to ask. 


    Congratulations and good luck!

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