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  1. I added my husband to my bank account fine provided he has tourist visa to be in the states. We sent money via PayPal and provided that as intermingling finances. Our case was approved in 189 days and no RFE at Nebraska Sevice Center (straight forward case though no red flags besides different culture) Here are the things we provided: -My life insurance listing him as beneficiary -Pictures of wedding 3 to 4 pics -Pictures of honeymoon 2 to 3 -Vacation pictures -Special occasions with the family (birthdays, new year, mother day, father day, outings with --the in laws, anniversary vacation with in laws) -Our visits to each other -PayPal receipts -Plane tickets of vacation sitting next to each other -Sightseeing pictures in each other's country -And a relationship letter telling how we met till how we got married. Etc just in one page
  2. I would focus on pictures of you two together and you two with both sides of the family and friends. Vacations together. Wedding pictures. Money sent to each other. Plane tickets, hotel receipts, life insurance putting others as beneficiary.
  3. Cc aug 8 Expedite email sent Sept 16 Approval Sept 19 Interview Oct 12 Reason financial and health of the petitioner Check my timeline and you will see it more in details how expedite timeline goes.
  4. I expedited earlier than I said and got approved.
  5. That's great news. Congrats! Well we already Recieved the visa 3 business days after the interview.
  6. He has not entered yet. It's usually takes more than three weeks.
  7. My hubby came out around 10 30 I think on 10/12. Maybe I just saw your hubby in the pic.
  8. I think I saw you guys there. You came out before my hubby did.
  9. I think it's better with a joint sponsor. Prepare both so you have it at the time of the interview.
  10. They are scheduling this time around from april 12 forward. Hopefully a lot more than before.
  11. Petitioner, beneficiary, and lawyer if you have one all get the same info and email that was listed in the i130.
  12. Agreed my hubby was asked by CO where is your wife right now? Of course I was there waiting outside the consulate. I think it helped if you look at my review and see that hubby got asked a lot questions.
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