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  1. My son entered through JFK May 23rd and got his Green Card June 13. It won't necessarily be that long because of the airport.
  2. My son is over 21, unmarried. We reverted back to F2B as the PD were advanicng faster than F1.
  3. Visa category was F1 and we opted out in August to F2B. Country of chargeability is Venezuela
  4. We got an email. Both my son -the beneficiary- and myself-the petitioner.
  5. My son went to his interview MArch 6th. The case status on CEAC page showed READY as soon as he got the IL on Feb 6th. Two days AFTER the interview (March 8th) the status chaged to ISSUED. Thanks be to God! 7.5 years waiting to reunite with my son!
  6. We requested to change back to F2B last August and it took around six weeks. The only caveat is that the case is reopened and when the change is approved your case is considered complete again, so that date would change. It is not difficult to do though. We requested via email.
  7. Finally got the IL yesterday! PD Dec 2011 CC Sept 25, 2018 Interview March 6th 2019
  8. Still no news. PD Dec 2011. CC 09/25/18 We are assuming the shutdown is affecting the response times and interviews, but it's just our guess. Have tried to call NVC 4 times in the past 2 weeks and I have been kept on hold for over 30 minutes, and then I give up.
  9. Any updates on cases with PD Dec 2011? Any IL? It's been two months since the PD became current. The CC is Sept 2018.
  10. I think that user might be a troll. Doesn't volunteer personal info but likes to state what "thousands" have gone through. As if "thousands" was one potent voice. In any case, many people in this thread have voiced their individual experiences and none are straightforward. Each case and country have their own pace.
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