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  1. Oh wow! Really? We’ve gotten our senator involved for an update on our case but that wasn’t much help, they don’t even respond anymore when we send an inquiry. last response I received from the embassy was back in November telling me that our case is still pending and is in administrative processing
  2. No age gap, arranged marriage, interview it self went fine they didn’t ask much and didn’t really need to submit anything there just wanted to see pics and said everything is good and that we’d get an email and the email was the ds5535 form
  3. My husband has been in AP in Islamabad since April 2019, 1 day after interview received dd5535 filed and returned, last update was 11/2019 after we sent inquiry, no updates since even after we’ve sent inquiry a couple times in December. So over Islamabad and their process 🥺
  4. InshAllah the wait is over for you soon! Please keep me updated best of luck!!!!
  5. -copies of passport, birth certificate copy, tax papers, income verification, employment letter etc. NVC will give you a list of documents that are needed Thanks! Can’t wait till it’s completed! Feels like we’ve been waiting forever. They did keep his passport so I’m guessing that’s a good sign
  6. Hi everyone, so it’s been about 7 months since my husbands cr1 visa interview in Islamabad. Everything went good with interview and they said we’d receive an email and within 24 hours after interview we received a ds5535 questionnaire, filled and sent back and only got 2-3 updates on status date after that the only update on status is when we inquire. PLEASE give us some hope and positive feedback it’s been so frustrating dealing with this 😩
  7. Hi my husband had his visa interview in April of this year, the embassy kept his passport and our case is in administrative processing after receiving ds5535. It has been 6 months since interview we’ve sent inquiries to the embassy only to be told were in administrative processing well NO ! anyways just fast forwarding a bit my husbands visa will be expiring in April 2020 so what happens in that case? I know we have about 5 months but just say he doenst get the visa even by then what happens?
    1.  Hello, on my interview day VO gave me a 221g with domicile written on it to establish domicile.
    2. how many days it take to issue of visa after uploading all of necessary documents.
    3. Which types of documents you have uploaded on CEAC.
  8. Hello I had my cr1 interview on 23 sep 19. CO told me to update my husbands tax return transcript which I did on 25 sep. Now plz can u tell me when I will get to hear from them? When u got response from them in ur case? Ur answer will be very helpful for me

  9. My husband had his interview 4/9/2019 and within 24 hours we received ds5535 email they kept his passport. Our case is in administrative processing ever since then...our status date changed almost daily for a couple weeks then stopped now the only time it changes is when we send an inquiry...im so annoyed with Islamabad embassy I’ve given up 🥺
  10. We got our interview date 3-4 weeks after documents were approved... good luck 👍🏻
  11. My husband had his interview April 9th was got questionnaire email within 24 hours our case is in administrative processing, one of my relatives had a similar case and after receiving their ds5535 they were issued a visa almost 3 months after
  12. I guess..the email just said questionnaire for additional information and once we submitted our case updated daily and then stopped and then I inquired end of April and they updated and then again last week when I sent another email and that’s it.
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