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  1. Nope they didn’t ask for anything at the second interview.
  2. Nothing really about visa but they said the only thing missing is your medical and passport they did his fingerprints and oath and gave him a letter which he can use for medical so me passport is expired the top part has little boxes saying “refused or administrative processing “ but non is marked the bottom comments just has his name and states what’s needed
  3. Yes inshAllah hoping to hear something good soon!!!
  4. Yes inshAllah! I’m not sure how much longer it will be my husband did pass a comment and said I’m just wishing we’re not stuck another almost 2 years again lol and they said oh no don’t worry we’ll try to get this done for you once we receive your passport and second medical.
  5. He did attend. It went well. Embassy was empty though not many people. They did say there’s a lot of work load and not many people working somewhat remotely working also. They were understanding of the situation they gave him a letter for getting medical done and gave passport to him and told him to get a new passport and medical and send it to them through courier service.
  6. Went good alhamdulilah! Asked basics like how long have we been married, if I came to visit. My husband said the embassy was empty and they said they have a lot of work load that’s why they don’t reply as fast when we are sending inquiry.
  7. No idea! The embassy didn’t request any documents they kept passport overall the interview went “good” I guess they did say we would receive an email which we would need to send back, the email was the ds5535 form.
  8. Well that is good to hear! My husband has been in AP for a year and 4 months, second day after interview he received ds5535 form. We recently updated form ds260 online.
  9. He will most likely end up going I know it definitely won’t hurt, they r just giving such a hard time and I’m scared that if he doesn’t go they might deny and we’ve come such a long way!
  10. Ugh! I’ve sent 3 inquires since last Thursday and Friday! It’s been almost one whole week and nothing, the medical clinic was nice enough to send an inquiry to them also on our behalf to see if they can even send a letter for the medical but nope nothing at all, now I’m just thinking it might be a good idea to attend after 1 year of nothing and now we finally get somewhere and I don’t want to this opportunity
  11. I’m right there with you! After being in AP from a little over a year I can understand your frustration things obviously still aren’t over for us! The passport the embassy has, they’ve required a second medical and fingerprints and oath but yet he hasn’t gotten the passport back to renew and of course you can’t get a medical done without a valid passport and he’s scheduled next week and the embassy is HORRIBLE with responding and we’re stuck he go or not
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