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  1. Thank you😊 you’ll get it before you know it!
  2. Yes my husband has an interview next month we got an email for our date 4 weeks after having case completed
  3. Thanks so much! It’s actually my husband who is going for an interview all I keep saying is stay calm lol but this advice really helped!
  4. Hi can anyone share their experience at Islamabad embassy for CR-1 visa. Also some help regarding the shuttle and just some tips..Interview is next month so just planning ahead! JazakAllah!
  5. Case completed 2/13, waiting for interview date at Islamabad embassy. When should I be expecting it I’ve heard one person tell me they got theirs in 2 weeks and one said after 2 months..hoping for a date soon!!!!!
  6. My husband still got one made and we already submitted it to NVC when we uploading documents but I told him to just take it with to interview because you never know what they need or what they don’t better to be prepared! And hopefully we hear something good soon!
  7. I’ve read about a couple people who got documentarily qualified and then they got an email about their interview date within 2-3 weeks after so hopefully we get that also! It will be 3 weeks for me on Wednesday, literally just praying and waiting. In the meantime I’m having my spouse make a file of documents that the consulate usually asks for and just crossing things off that we already have. I will definitely keep you posted please do the same
  8. Well my case became documentarily qualified 2/13...still waiting for interview date 😩😭....hoping and praying for something soon
  9. F&S2018

    Islamabad interview cr1

    InshAllah we get our email sometime this week it’ll be 2 weeks of being documentarily qualified!
  10. That’s awesome!!!!!! Best of luck. How soon after case complete did they send u email with interview date? My case is documentarily qualified since 2/13 currently waiting for spouses interview date
  11. Hi everyone 😊My case is now documentarily qualified as of 2/13/19, just out of curiosity how long did it take for an interview to be scheduled by NVC at consulate (preferably at Islamabad)
  12. Hi guys!! So my spouse is supposed to have his interview at Islamabad embassy. Our case just became “documentarily qualifies” on 2/13/19 and we got an email stating that NVC will Schedule our interview and will let us know when that is. Can anyone share their experience as to how long it took for NVC to schedule at Islamabad I know it kind of varies depending on which consulate
  13. I applied for I130 after getting married to my foreign spouse, I am a us citizen. It’s been a long journey lol