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  1. Thank you! I did already and our case was updated today! Ellen has been involved in our case since day 1.
  2. Are situation is very complicated! Yes he had lots of evidence, Skype, messenger, photos, receipts, plane tickets, and etc. Yes he had my birth certificate and divorce decree prior to the interview.
  3. Thank you so very much I truly appreciate it! All I can do right now is expect the worst and hope for the best!!!
  4. Oh sorry...the blue 221g requested a divorce decree and an updated birth certificate which my fiance submitted yesterday.
  5. Yes I have all of that evidence but the consoler said she did not need it yet. My ex filed a false civil protection order out on me but it ended in 2015. I submitted certified copies of my OVI. All documents were filled out properly. This is my first time filing a K1 or Affidavit of Support. I have 2 children and make over $52,000 a year. Thank you for your kindness! It is truly appreciated!!!
  6. I understand that it is not approved until it is approved but I do not appreciate people automatically assuming that it is not approved. Also I do appreciate negativity when I am seeking advice and help. I apologize for being misleading but I thought everyone in this group is in the same situation or has been in the past and would understand.
  7. I have visited my fiance numerous times and at long periods of time.
  8. Hello and yes we meet all the requirements! I thought the 221g is administrative processing and not a denial?
  9. Please help I am so confused! My fiance had his interview in Tunisia on June 20th 2019 and received the blue 221g requesting more documents. He went back to the embassy yesterday with the requested documents. At this time the consoler stated that she did not know our case and asked him to have a seat. She reviewed our case for about 15 minutes and called him back to the window. She asked about my children, my ex, and my job. She discussed his rights against domestic violence in the US. She then said that they would be sending him an email to let him know when to come and with what documents. He asked the consoler what documents they needed because he had everything with him. She then yelled at him saying that he would receive an email and that he could leave. She handed him the 221g white slip and it is marked on administrative processing. They kept all the paperwork but did not take his passport and she stated that she did not need to see our photos and messages yet. Please any thoughts I am absolutely frieking out and we have been away from one another for 3 years and have lost 2 babies! Thanks
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