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  1. Hey everyone. We are very excited after 12 months waiting for interview our interview was assigned March 10 2020 in the US embassy in Guyana. We were approved!! We received email to pick up our visa 3 days later. March 13 2020 we picked up our visa. And entered USA March 14 2020. It took exactly a year since I started this process back March 2018. Best of wishes for everyone.
  2. I emailed in the US embassy in Guyana as well. Will keep everyone posted. However , I am still going to fill it out just in case.
  3. Thank you. And for income ? I mean Cuban doctors barely make 40 dollars a month. He works in a factory makes not even 20 a month.
  4. Good morning , So who fills this paper work out DS 5540. The beneficiary right ? In my case my husband is cuban ? He doesn't do taxes. What do I fill out then. Help me please.
  5. Hello. Yes , the American embassy in Havana was closed from September 2017. So we were moved to another US embassy for process. That embassy is Georgetown , Guyana embassy. So it's been very slow since they process other countries there as well. Hoping that they start moving along soon. Will keep everyone updated.
  6. Hey everyone. It is officially 1 year since I was DQ / CC and still waiting for interview. Praying that this will be the month I get my interview. Hoping this week interviews will be given out. Has anyone been issued a interview today by the NVC ?
  7. Flight should be 2 days before medical just in case. And after interview is approved it can take up to 7 business days for the visa. Hope that helps.
  8. Hey guys. I am so happy for everyone that has gotten there interview and have had there interview. Congratulations to all. January is officially coming to an end. For those who have interview in Guyana , I am DQ / CC Feb 2019 and still no interview. It's going to be 1 year since I had DQ / CC now in February. Hoping this ends soon. Wishing everyone the best and that you don't have to wait as long as all us Cubans folks have to. Will continue to keep everyone posted.
  9. Hey everyone. I've spoken before at the moment we don't have any interview yet. Our Embassy is Guyana. In February it will be 12 months waiting for interview. But I have a question , when registering your interview whose information has to be input , the beneficiary or the petitioner ?
  10. Hello , Congrats. Your K-1's your process is a whole lot faster so no worries. You will be together soon. As for us who are Married our wait is very longgggg and extending itself every single day. But never losing hope that this wait till come to an end soon. Best of wishes on your journey.
  11. Nebraska's wait time is currently of 12 to 13 months for approval. They recently just approved my friend who is PD December 12 2018. So you still have a few more months to go unfortunately. Best of wishes
  12. Hey everyone. It's the start of a new year. That means that it's my 11th month waiting for interview. That next month it will be 12 months waiting for interview , my 2 year wedding anniversary. And than in March it will be 2 years since I started this process. It's insane to think it's been this long and still no interview. Hoping for the best for everyone. Hope this ends soon for everyone. Will keep everyone posted.
  13. Congratulations!! So happy for you guys!! Time to move on to the NVC Stage.
  14. I've never understood why fiance's have more priority than married couples. But there's nothing we can do but wait.
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