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  1. They will start the process ASAP and said she could have it in a month. Our K-1 is valid until mid-February
  2. My fiancé was approved for her K-1 visa last week, however when talking to her company, they offered her a role in our local office here in the USA. Her company is a large, global organization and said they would do an L-1 visa for her. My question is, is there any risk in her going through the L-1 visa process while holding a K-1? Her company typically files L-1's through a blanket process which makes the process much quicker, however we are paranoid and want to make sure that if for some reason the L-1 is NOT approved, that she will still be able to enter on the K-1 visa. Thank you in advance.
  3. Yes, her company is massive and does L1's all the time and is already approved. Yes, they have an office where I live (New York) and she will be moving in with me. They do know her plan to marry, but they also know she wants to remain with the company. She's invested a lot of time there and believe it's worth the investment. They're not paying for her relocation, just for the fees required for the Visa.
  4. Thankfully her company is enormous and has an entire team focused on this. They said L-1 takes 2-4 months, however they could pay a fee to have that time drastically reduced (e.g. weeks). Since the K-1 is valid for 6 months, there should be no issues in timing as they plan on starting L-1 in the next 2 weeks.
  5. My fiancée has her K-1 interview next week. When she informed her company (a global organization), they said they didnt' want to lose her and offered her a role in the USA. They also offered to do an L-1 Visa so she could still work instead of waiting the 3-6 months for the work authorization to come through. Our immigration lawyer said that we should still go through with the K-1 Visa process as her company is starting the L-1 process a in a few weeks, and said that if the L-1 does get approved we can cancel out the K-1. Has anyone had a similar experience with this? If so, has it been an easy process or are there things we need to be careful about?
  6. When my fiancé requested the police record from Venezuela she was emailed a PDF. Is a printout of that PDF going to be sufficient?
  7. I'm based in the USA and I'm petitioning my fiancé who is in Spain. We have the police records for Spain as well as Venezuela, her birth country, but are wondering if the police records from VE need to have the apostille? Our immigration lawyer said that the US State Department guidelines don't ask for any apostille but we don't want to get to the interview only to have her get denied because it's missing the apostille. Does anyone have experience in this area and can say definitively that we won't need to get that? Thank you.
  8. Thank you. I'm working with an immigration lawyer on prepping the K1...I used this site to get all my materials but they're saying I should send 20-30 photos and all these chat logs and Facetime logs (in addition to all the flight receipts, passport stamp photos and receipts of gifts we've mailed each other over the year.) I think they're just trying to be extra thorough but since we're hoping to get the initial process mailed in this week, I"ll make sure to keep photo logs of all FaceTime calls moving forward so she has them for the interview. Thanks all!
  9. Hi, My fiancée and I communicate every day via text and FaceTime video. Because of this there are no phone logs that we can send as proof of our ongoing relationship. Anyone else that's relying on FaceTime or Skype, how are you showing your ongoing communication? Thanks
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