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  1. Thank you. I'm working with an immigration lawyer on prepping the K1...I used this site to get all my materials but they're saying I should send 20-30 photos and all these chat logs and Facetime logs (in addition to all the flight receipts, passport stamp photos and receipts of gifts we've mailed each other over the year.) I think they're just trying to be extra thorough but since we're hoping to get the initial process mailed in this week, I"ll make sure to keep photo logs of all FaceTime calls moving forward so she has them for the interview. Thanks all!
  2. Hi, My fiancée and I communicate every day via text and FaceTime video. Because of this there are no phone logs that we can send as proof of our ongoing relationship. Anyone else that's relying on FaceTime or Skype, how are you showing your ongoing communication? Thanks