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  1. how and where can i get that? where can i get doctors note?
  2. If they ask me something else that's the answer I'm going to give again and again cause that's what really happen..
  3. Can I tell them that it's a long time ago wound because I scratch it using my finger nails then until it started to cut and become wounded.. because that's basically what happened and I'm not suicidal..lol.. coz I don't want them to think that I did it because I planned to suicide or whatever..because I wasn't..
  4. How long it will take to get a psychological evaluation? can it be done on the 2nd day of medical exam or I have to schedule for psycological evaluation?
  5. I'm really worried.. I will have my medical exam on st.lukes next week and I'm freaking worried because I have a suicidal scar on my wrist.. it's nothing serious though.. i did it when i was in high school it was just a "trip" when it happened.. Anyone here have the same issue? What did you do? Did you tell the truth or just hide it?
  6. did you have yours when you had your medical?
  7. Oh thanks. I just want to get it done on the same day because I already booked my hotel and I don't want to go back again to st.lukes..
  8. Should I tell them that i have my period? How about the physical exam where I need to be in underwears?
  9. I just had my period today (saturday, march 9).. I'm going to have my medical exam on tuesday(march 12). I can't back out now because I already booked my hotel.. and my interview schedule is on march 22.. I just want to know if they will allow me to do the urinalysis test and physical exam?.. or Would they allow me to proceed the medical exam even if I have menstruation and then just tell me to come back after my mestruation to do it but I can have the other tests like xray, blood test,..etc?
  10. kittyanne

    Menstruation and medical at St. Lukes

    Ah so she will be having her medical exam on monday? I'm going to have my medical exam on Tuesday and I just am had my period today. I just want to know if they will let me do the urine test and physical exam..because my interview is on march 22.. Please let me know if they let her proceed or not. Thanks
  11. kittyanne

    Menstruation and medical at St. Lukes

    Did her menstruation started before she go to slec or after her tests? I hope so that they will not tell me to go back after my period and just proceed to the exam..I can't find recent forum discussing about this topic..
  12. kittyanne

    Menstruation and medical at St. Lukes

    how long does it take to get the results after you had the physical exam? and did you bring other documents on your second visit?
  13. kittyanne

    Menstruation and medical at St. Lukes

    Help please! I just had my menstration today, Saturday..and my medical is on tuesday.. I can't back out coz I already booked the hotel for 3 days.. what will I do? Please help..my interview date is on march 22..
  14. kittyanne


    Thanks! Coz some said when they schedule their interview the only date showed is all thursdays for k1 visa applicants.. but since it's okay to pick any day or date available I will pick Friday march 22.. Btw.. nearest interview date schedule is March 13, 14, 22, 27 and 28
  15. kittyanne


    hello everyone.. i just want to ask if i can schedule an nterview appointment on different day of the week? coz some said that k1 applicant is scheduled only on thursday but on the site cgifederal.. i see different dates that i can select and not all is thursday..