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  1. I sent my fingerprints envelope with my first package! Its only if you are outside of US, like I am Germany right now. Even my first package was returned because of some mistakes in application, they unsealed the fingerprints envelope, I still putted that envelope back and sent it that way. Fingerprints were still ok, and in month or little bit more I got a notification that my fingerprints were accepted.
  2. Hi Aqualika,


    I'm writing to you because I think we're in the same boat. I'm a 319b too. My husband and I are in Molesworth, UK. 5 days ago I received the online interview letter from the San Francisco Field Office. I was so excited. Then yesterday, there was an online notification that my case has been transferred to another field office. What happened?! Do you think I can still fly from the UK  to SF for the interview? Also, do you think all approved 319b cases will be able to have a same day oath taking? Or is that dependent on the SF Field Office?


    Good Luck!


    1. Aqualika


      Hi! Wow, that’s frustrating! Did you receive any new letter, where did they transfer you case? In my case it would be bad, cause I made all arrangements at the same day I received that official letter online with location, date and time of interview .. Did you try to contact them, call, email or through online account at uscis? I would try asap

  3. Wish everything goes smooth! Finger crossed))) Fairfax office is familiar with such cases the most, and I know they can call you to schedule the interview date, and you can choose, they make same day ceremonies also. I chose Seattle, because I lived there and I’d rather stay with friends. You just have to put it in your application, I think its on the first page somewhere, and also I wrote cover letter, where I asked for Seattle location. Seattle is also busy, average processing time is 18 month now, and its still showes estimation of my case is Dec 2019, but they already called me for the interview, which I’m aslo suprised with. And, yeah, everything related with military you send to Chicago first.
  4. Hi! How is your case? I only got a message, that my fingerprints were done, and no actions were needed. Same as you, it was taken at the base in Germany, sealed in envelope. I’ll tell you more, first time uscis returned my package, I missed one page in application, and fingerprints envelope was open , I didn’t do fingerprints one more time, just sent it as it was. And they were fine with that. So maybe you had to write them a message that you had already sent them everything. And last week I got notification that my interview was scheduled. So everything is quite fast, even as I chose Seattle.
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