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  1. Not nice. Bye. Good luck to you with an attitude like that.
  2. Hi Greenbaum, I think we should just wait for the embassy to contact us? Our case is still in transit to the embassy now, but can we book interview date now? Thanks in advance!
  3. What's up guys! We received the email from NVC with our case no. on Nov.23rd. The NVC received our case on Nov. 13rd. Cant wait for the next steps. Good luck everyone!
  4. Hello guys, glad to join this group. Our NOA2 is Oct 25th. Best luck to everyone here!
  5. Our case is approved! Just checked the new website and it says so. No update on old website. Here is our timeline: NOA1: April 10th. NOA2: Oct 25th. Very excited for our next step. Good luck to everyone, especially to the April filers who are still waiting. It will come.
  6. Thank you Mr. Greenbaum. Your words make us feel better. We will just wait patiently still.😊
  7. Thank you John! Congrats on you getting the NOA2 in just 6 months lol
  8. Hello! Our NOA1 is April 10th and we still havent heard anything yet. But our case is a bit tricky. I (beneficiary) am from China and My fiancee is American. We are both working here in Seoul, South Korea. And I was rejected the B2 visa once in Feb 2017 when he wanted to take me back home to see his family. So is our case process gonna be more slowly than others'? Also since we were classmates and have been living together for two years till now, we didnt add much files to the application to prove that our relationship is genuine. We just sent about 10 screenshots from FB showing that we travel to different countries together, of which there is one showing he flew to China to see my family. Is it enough proof? Before sending out the application we thought that those were enough. Now idk. Maybe I'm thinking too much because of the endless waiting lol Good luck to everybody!