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  1. Cocopuf

    SSA K1 immigration status mismatch

    Final update: After going to the SSO and finally speaking to someone that actually opened a SAVE-case for me I got a letter in the mail from the SSA that stated I applied for a SS card and I should receive it in 2 weeks. The letter is dated 9 days after they opened the SAVE-case (because of USPS I only received it much later though). So that went pretty fast. Since it took a while for me to actually receive that letter, and since I needed the number ASAP, I went back to the SSO 13 days after opening the SAVE-case (I hadn't received any letter by then) and asked about my case. They confirmed a number was created for me and they let me copy it from their screen so I could use it to fill out the necessary forms for the wedding license. A couple days later I received my actual SS card in the mail. And in the mean time, we're married. Moral of the story: If social security office tells you they have an immigration status mismatch and can't give you a SSN, tell them to open a SAVE-case, even though they might tell you it'll take a long time (it doesn't), and that it might clear up on its own (it doesn't). The info in the SSN guide seems to be dated, it looks like you have to open a case by default, and it doesn't take that much time to resolve. (@ mods, maybe update this guide) Thanks everyone for the help!
  2. Cocopuf

    SSA K1 immigration status mismatch

    They all knew I was eligible, and didn't make a problem about that. They just had no clue why their computer gave an error and what to do next. 1 of them even asked a colleague and also came back with "just wait". So some extra training for the officers and some luck in getting the right person with some more experience wouldn't hurt.
  3. Cocopuf

    SSA K1 immigration status mismatch

    Update: I went back for the 3rd time to the local SSO, 11 days after entering the country, and it looks like I had more luck this time. I got a different person that confirmed to me that the previous 2 people that gave me the advice to "just wait" were wrong, and that they should just have filed a SAVE-case or a SAVE-verify right away. Just like some people mentioned in this thread. USCIS told me a SAVE-case takes 3 to 5 days, SSO told me it can take up to 30 days, but is usually shorter. So I'm calling them in a week to see if SSO got an answer and if they made me a SSN. Thanks for the help everyone.
  4. Cocopuf

    SSA K1 immigration status mismatch

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It does look like the wait time mentioned in the guide isn't really valid anymore. You're in the SAVE database/system the moment you can pull up your digital I-94. Getting the right person at SSO to know what to do to get you a SSN is a different story.
  5. Cocopuf

    SSA K1 immigration status mismatch

    @C90 The extra week of wait time is mainly to convince the SSO officer, I'm not very hopeful their system will give a different result. But if that's what I need to do to convince them, I'll have to wait. I'm guessing what they filed in your case was a G-845 mentioned in the guide here. But it also says that adds weeks to the verification process, so I'm just hoping that's not the route I have to go down.
  6. Cocopuf

    SSA K1 immigration status mismatch

    Thx for the extra info. This would mean that for every single K1 immigrant the SSO has to send an inquiry to USCIS, I would assume they would know how to do that after more than half a year then. Could it be that yours was a special case since you already had a SSN at one point? (I had a different visa before, B1/2, but never an SSN). I might give it another week and then ask that they send the inquiry, if the same mismatch keeps coming up.
  7. Cocopuf

    SSA K1 immigration status mismatch

    Hehe, also an option, but I'd like to limit the extra traveling for now.
  8. Cocopuf

    SSA K1 immigration status mismatch

    Didn't try the supervisor yet, the people at SSA were very friendly and genuinely were trying to help me, so didn't want to step on too many toes yet. They also seemed like they handled K1 SSN applications before. If issue persists I'll need to get a little firmer. That's an option, but a last resort, I do need the SSN for plenty of other things.
  9. I arrived under a K1 visa about 5 days ago and I'm trying to get a SSN asap (In wake County NC you need an SSN to get married, if you're eligible). I printed out my I-94 from here, everything seems to be correct and it states I entered under a K1. When going to the local SSA with just pasport, I-94 and the SS-5 form, they're telling me they're getting an "immigration status mismatch" from their system. They know about the wait-time before my entry record shows up in the SAVE database, but the odd thing is that my entry is there (they showed me on their screen what they're getting back from the SAVE database). I verified together with them that there are no mismatches in name or DOB or passport number, it even says in the SAVE database I entered the country on a K1 visa, which matches with the info SSA tries to put in. They have no clue what the "immigration status mismatch" is referring to, and advice me to just wait. I called USCIS and they tell me that if the info is in the SAVE database, then it's there. But SSA is telling me that "the data in the system takes a while to update" even though all my info is there when they request it. USCIS also told me SSA can open a SAVE-case to try to get it resolved (which takes 3 to 5 days according to USCIS), SSA doesn't seem very receptive to that. I already went to SSA twice, and had the same result with both people I talked to. - Is the 2 weeks wait time still valid advice? Seeing that my entry record is apparently available in the SAVE database (and I can access this myself at SAVECheck, though there's no info there except that it's send to SSA). - A different topic mentioned a new system, since a couple months, where SSA needs to send a request for confirmation by default. Is this the case, and does SSA know this? - What's my best option to get my SSN as soon as possible. Just wait as they suggest (and risking getting the same "immigration status mismatch" later) or demanding that they open a "SAVE-case" which they didn't seem very eager about.