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  1. Do you mean that it is okay for us to translate it on our own?
  2. Hi, I'm filing my documents for NVC. For the USCIS, my wife translated her own marriage certificate and USCIS accepted this. However, I heard that is this may not be possible for NVC - meaning we would have to pay for a translation. However, only 3 of the pages really needed to be translated....the rest of the marriage booklet can be understood by a "legend" that translates each section of each page into English. This works in the way that the reader would look at the number of the section they want to read, then look at at that number's section in the legend and read its equivalent text in English. Its unnecessary and really expensive to get these pages translated - which are blank of any inputted information anyways (its for birth of children and death of family members events, which we have had none so far - but there is like 20 pages for this). For USCIS, I just compiled this text into the document and my wife verified the translation. However, since I will probably use a translator, what is the best way to do this? Should the translate only translate the pages that really need translation, and then I attached the rest of the English compilation after the translation? Or should I ask the translator to insert the compilation into their certified translation? What works?
  3. I got my approval letter! It happened on the 8th. Funnily enough, the online site has not updated yet and still shows it as received. It took 248 days! I'm so happy!!!
  4. Ugh, god. So I shouldn't get my hopes up with the historical processing times. It could be today, tomorrow, even a month from now. 🤔
  5. I'm in TSC. The graph says that applications with the date of November 8th are being processed, but I look at the file queue and there are tons of unprocessed I130s still in October. What is going on??
  6. My filing date is October 31st 2018. Should I be getting worried? Should I call them?
  7. Just copy and paste your case number into the start receipt number. If you want to see the cases before your number, just subtract x number from your case number and it'll show you the cases after that case number. Like if my case number is SRC1000 and I want to see the 50 cases before mine then do SRC950 and put '50' for the number of cases to show. Be sure to choose only show I-130.
  8. Sure, its called "CaseTracker." It has a picture of the American eagle coat of arms in a circle with the American flag behind it. All you need is your NOA1 recepient number and it'll show you the status. You can search too and show the next x number of cases before your number. Or you can put in an earlier number to see how other cases are doing.
  9. I'm using an app too where you can see the 'queue' of applications. It seems that End of October and early November is still largely under review. I wouldn't worry about being rejected. It seems they check the application for improper filing when they first receive your application. RFEs on the other hand, I don't know.
  10. I had a priority date of November 2nd at TSC. No sign of a change on the online case status, I got e-mail today saying we are still reviewing your case....can I expect to get real-time online updates? Or only in the mail? I don't think there should be any problems. I provided a mountain of evidence and neither of us have ever been divorced. Waiting for it any day now. Trying to resist the anxious thoughts. 😞🤪
  11. Hi all, I'm preparing my spouse's application documents for NVC and I had 2 questions regarding the police certification requirements. First question: As it says on the State Department website: Have ever lived in another country for 12 months or more Were 16 years or older at the time you lived there The country where you used to live. Soo, technically my wife never lived in a single foreign country for 12 months or more. HOWEVER, she roughly lived in Italy for 5 months, 2 months in Slovenia, and then about 6 months in Austria. So, should I get police certificates for Italy and Austria? Second question: I thought ahead and we got my wife's Austrian police certificate a week before we left Austria. Can we submit this Austrian police certificate even though it was issued a few days before we left Austria for good? Thanks for the answers!
  12. Hi all, It's been 3 months since I submitted my I-130. I thought my application was flawless after pouring over every detail. Today, I was sipping on my coffee and flipping through my PDF copy of my completed application, looking at it smugly with satisfaction. When suddenly, I noticed a mistake buried in all those papers... One document in my evidence of a bona fide marriage is missing a page. It's a rental contract that should be three pages, yet only has two. Its corresponding translation has three pages. Its identical to the previous year's rental contract, which I included, which has all three pages in both the copy and translation. Now, the thing is that I don't really know if it's truly missing in the application. I checked my original copies, and that third page is there. It could have been that the page was 'sucked' up with the preceding page by the photocopier when I cloned my application and therefore is missing in my scanned copy. But, now I have no real way of knowing for sure if its really missing or not. Now, I provided a mountain of evidence of our marriage, so its a 'minor' error. The rental contract still makes sense without that page, but the translation has an extra page. Plus, the previous year's contract which has the missing page is identical to this one. Even if they disqualified that document, there's still lots and lots of other evidence. If it truly is missing for some reason, what should I do? Should I send USCIS a letter explaining the issue with a complete copy of the document, or will that risk messing up things more? Will this result in a denial of application or just an RFE? Will it even matter?
  13. Thanks juineh, maybe I'm overthinking this. We'll prepare some documents to prove strong ties to her home country (lease, job, bank account) and hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.
  14. Okay. If anything goes wrong and she gets detained, is there any way for me to contact her or her to contact me? I just want to have a contingency plan. Is there any procedure at CBP at the airport?
  15. I guess I shouldn't be too concerned. When they issued her a tourist visa, they knew she was married to a US citizen, so the concern of her entering to permanently stay or adjust status was still there, right?
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