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  1. Hi were also under 221g AP due to lack of proof of domicile.. my husband is been living in the Philippines for the past 11 years and decided to go back home..during our interview the consul ask us if he has house in the US and we said NO we were planning to get one as soon as we arrive in the US.. apparently the consul advise my husband to go ahead first to get atleast a house rental.. my question is, the address we submit and use during our application is in his son’s address but since my husband want to move in Alabama and re-establish his domicile there that’s what he want us to live for good.. will it affect my visa? if we change address?.. I did not also receive any email from the embassy.. the consul handed me a 3 papers with her signature and the documents we need to submit. and my status is AP right after my interview. This is kinda frustrating for us and hard for my husband especially that he is disable and having a lot medical problems and can’t handle all the stress doing house rental.. getting driver’s license, medical care...ect all by himself 😩 my husband is flying to the US next week to start process everything
  2. hi thank you for the answer yes my husband is the petitioner. all his records is the past is disclosed and i already knew about it... it’s just making me anxious because im afraid it will affect my visa application...it was an honest mistake
  3. Hi my husband and i was done doing the ds-260 and already submitted it with confirmation, our big problem is that we made a few mistakes 😢. 1.) about the criminal or police records instead of putting “NO” i put yes, because i thought this is referring to my husband and put the police arrest in that field ( my husband’s records are all dismissed and expunged btw). 2.) about the SSN we put all my husband’s details. And now we cannot correct our mistakes online 😭😢 I have interview at the embassy on October 26, my question is will this affect my visa application? Thank you!
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