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  1. Thanks for all your replies! I found a helpful blog if ever someone came across this thread. https://happilyhaberlafter.wordpress.com/2018/05/13/adjustment-of-status-greencard-application/
  2. Hi Greenbaum, actually no. As far as I know I had everything done in St. Luke's Manila. I had the I-693 only because some guides I saw online included it in the forms I needed to fill out. Just to clarify: I need to remove I-1693 and submit my DS-3025 together with my AOS form. Is that correct? And I need to submit original copy DS-3025? Thanks
  3. Well, I wont be quickly to judge other people who used an attorney. They just might have so much extra money to spend. Who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️ But yes, an immigration lawyer is not a must that’s why I am actually doing most of it myself except the affidavit of support form to be filled out by my American husband. And we are mostly done. Just need to recheck everything now. Thanks!
  4. Hi! My fiancé didn’t received any letter from USCIS aside from the receipt, and a letter from NVC for my case #. Mmm...
  5. Mine says "Notice Type: Receipt". Should I still attach it as supporting document? And thank you for your reply about the I-131
  6. Hi! I've read so many blogs, posts and comments about this matter. It is very confusing. I think it works for some, and didn't for others. And they said it's really up to you. That's why I decided to use whatever is written on my visa except the surname since I am taking my husband's.
  7. Noted. Thank you! CORRECTION BTW: I have I-797C not I-129F. Sorry about that.
  8. Hello Guys, My fiance and I decided to do-it-ourselves to file for my adjustment of status. Our previous immigration lawyer (who worked to process my K1 visa) fee is just way higher than what we expected, specially with the USCIS filling fee too. All is good so far though. I have prepared the following: Cover Letter G-1145 I-485 G-325A I-864 I-693 I-765 Supporting Documents Passport Bio Page (photocopy) Passport Visa Page (photocopy) Birth Certificate Most Recent I-94 and Travel History (printed) I-129F USCIS Approval Letter (scanned copy - my fiance lost the original one! thankfully he scanned it and sent it to me thru email before) Marriage Certificate I have also prepared I-131 (Advance Parole) but I wasn't sure what to write on "Reason". Will it be acceptable if I write "To visit family"? And for the "Country to visit" I only wrote "Philippines". I was just wondering, when the time comes, can I still travel anywhere aside from Philippines? or is it something I need to include in advance? TBH, I am still thinking about submitting this since I am following US naming standard, and I want to avoid questioning. 😣 Another question, do I need to attached a copy of my Vaccination from St. Luke's Manila as supporting document to my I-693? Does my supporting documents such as Marriage and Birth Certificate needs to be original or can I send copies instead? Lastly, since I decided to follow US naming for now which is (Maiden first & middle Name (as used in visa) + husband's surname) will it be okay to write my married surname on all the forms instead of my maiden surname? That's all I can think for now. Please let me know if I missed any form/s or supporting documents. Thanks in advance!
  9. babybabycakes

    SSA - Alien Mismatch

    Hello everyone! Thanks for all your reply. I went to another SSA office, unfortunately, according to the staff there again, it is being "denied". I booked an appointment USICS this Friday and we'll see what's gonna happen. It just sucks because I now only have 33 days to have this fixed. Anyway, ,my Fiance and I decided to work on my AOS since our lawyer's fee are just insanely high. And I noticed on Form I-765 there was a question if I was given a SS Card and if I want one. Is it okay to choose "Yes" on both even if (let's say) I didn't get SSN on time? Thanks again!
  10. Hey guys! How is everyone? I am having problem getting social here in the US. I arrived here last Nov 11 and applied for ssn Nov 15. And then I got married Dec 22, 2018. And after more than a month of patiently waiting, today, January 4th, my husband and I decided to go to SSA office to ask for update since we havent received anything in the mail at all. And I read blogs about how ssa staff doesnt know what they are doing sometimes and I think the one we went to is one of them. 😔 They kept telling me they are having issues on the system and it kept saying “Alien Mismatch”. they said they've been trying to do it over and over since I applied and contact DHS but they havent gotten anything really. And then they also said that maybe the reason why is because I am on k1 visa and not allowed to work in the US that’s why SSA cannot issue me a number. (i didnt correct them here since I know I’m not gonna win.) but they said the bottom line is the “Alien Mismatch” they are getting. I am so confused right now cuz my i-94 is only valid until Feb 2. And we are just starting to file for aos. anyone has experience about this? any answer will be appreciated. Thank you!
  11. babybabycakes

    PHILIPPINES - Middle Name?

    Okay, so it looks like I have to deal with name change one way or another. So right now, for SS and other US ids, I would just follow US way to avoid problems with USCIS. And later on, probably few years from now, I will just deal with amending my “middle name” on everything in Philippine way, specially once I renew my passport. Does this sounds like how everyone did? thanks a lot!
  12. babybabycakes

    PHILIPPINES - Middle Name?

    Hello, what if I don’t want to and wants to follow the Philippine tradition? i’ve read threads saying when I renew my passport, PH consulate will have me follow PH rules, and this results with a different name of GC. i’m so confused. Hope someone can walk me thru who experienced the same thing. thanks
  13. babybabycakes

    PHILIPPINES - Middle Name?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering what my name will turn out to be after marrying my fiancé here in the US? I mean for some of you who might not know, in Philippines “middle name” is our mother’s maiden surname. And for females, once married, our maiden surname will become our middle name. For example: Maiden name: Maria Castro Gomez once married: Maria Gomez Kidman That’s how it’ll be (traditionally) in the Philippines. And I don’t feel like using it here in the US. Any ideas how I will deal with this? Can I leave my middle name blank? or do I have to stick with the middle name used in my k1 visa? ooooor, do I need to follow Philippines tradition? Your reply will be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance!!
  14. babybabycakes


    If the counseling goes well, will they give me sticker right after it? My appointment is set on Friday 2-5pm.. and my fiancé wants me to fly on weekends. Thanks!
  15. babybabycakes


    Does an original copy of CENOMAR really needed? Isn’t it a repetitive requirement.. I only have 1 and I’ll be submitting it in USEM on my interview next week.