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  1. Hi VJ comunity, we don't know if we need to post this in the taxes forum or here. Anw we are reading in many websites that it is a pain in ... when filing for taxes if we have a joint account. our question is for those that have a joint account and already filed their taxes. is it hard or worth it? we can easily add each other's names on the accounts using the internet without opening a joint account. do you think it is a better evidence to have a joint account even thought it can be hard to file taxes or simply giving some authority for the spouse would do it? Thanks :-)
  2. thanks guys for all the helpful replies. we are gonna file the AOS and in the meantime we are gonna collect all those evidence in order to present them during the interview.. wow! helpful people around here :-)
  3. hmmm.. i guess we don't have another solution except waiting a while before aplying but i guess that we will go ahead and follow your advice
  4. nope cz house is owned by the petitioner.
  5. sorry we forgot to mention that we have been married and living together one week and we are planning to rush the filing of AOS so we don't loose time waiting. in one or two weeks, it is impossible to have any of those evidence. what we were asking is that should we wait about a month or two until we do all those stuff that you stated and then apply for AOS, or just apply with no evidence and then gather them for interciew while risking getting denied for no evidence..?
  6. Dear all, we were wondering about the AOS evidence of relationship that we should include in the AOS package. right now, we have nothing except our photos. no bank account, no joint bills, no insurance beneficiaries. should we be worried? should we postpone filing until we do all the stuff above or send the package with no evidence? some posts states one or the other option so we are confused. thanks for the help
  7. thanks guys. i guess we should not worry about all this sponsor issue. :-)
  8. Dear all friendly VJ community, We have been reading and benefiting from all the experiences in here so much that we didn't even had to ask anything about the process. all answers were in front of us! long story short, we applied for k1 visa and got approved. during the period between the approval and getting married, the petitioner had to file bankruptcy. the court date is close and we are freaking out about the process. so we divided our question in three parts and we would appreciate answers from anyone. 1- does it matter if we get married before or after the court hearing? 2- since the petitioner (filing the bankruptcy) is gonna be the sponsor. she makes enough but would it cause a problem during AOS? 3- is it wise to create a joint account in the bank and commingling our finances (both names on bills and stuff) really anyone who knows about the process...