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  1. Lakeside92

    Need guidance on work visa for my parent's business

    What I was specifically referring to there is the requirements for showing a need for the worker. I am requesting assistance in finding that documentation so that I can read it and see if we meet the qualifications. I have never done this before so I don't know if we meet the requirements or what I need to do. We have advertised at the state level for employees. As I have said, we have run the business for a long time. It's just been in the last 5 years or so that finding employees is difficult. I know that other unskilled laborers are able to get work visas. Can someone explain to me how some people are able to get nannies and housecleaners work visas? That is not a super skilled job. What am I missing?
  2. Lakeside92

    Need guidance on work visa for my parent's business

    Really? Why the attitude? I am just asking for advice. I am not an expert. I can't force people to apply for jobs. It's a job that many people can do. It isn't skilled, but there is no labor in the area and no one from out of the area applies. If we need to try to advertise in a wider location, we would do it. Our goal is to get workers. A local worker with skills is best, but we haven't had anyone apply. We would be happy to hire adult workers with experience at a hire wage. However, we do not have anyone applying. We take the teenagers with no experience and train them because we are desperate for workers.
  3. Lakeside92

    Need guidance on work visa for my parent's business

    I do realize that. We have run newspaper ads and Facebook ads. There just isn't enough people in the area who want jobs. The last time we hired 2 teenagers, but they aren't going to work out. This is not a one-time thing, but a problem in the area. It's very rural. There are less than 650 people in the town. We don't have any particular person in mind. We choose the Philippines because they speak English and we know of people who have had success with Filipino workers. We are not Filipinos but have Filipinos in the family. Not if there is no one who wants to work. The employees we do have are not good. They are lazy an unreliable. This is not an option as we have tried everything. We have had the business since 1992. At my parent's age I can't hope that a local worker is going to work out. We need someone dependable and is willing to work. The cost is not a problem as it is a business expense.
  4. Lakeside92

    Need guidance on work visa for my parent's business

    They could do temporarily if need be.
  5. Hello all, I am hoping you can point me in the right location. My parents live in a very rural area and getting employees for their general store is near impossible. My mother is 69 and my father is 64. They are getting too old to run the business without reliable help. Finding employees is difficult and the ones they are able to get are not good and don't last long. We have decided to try to get a work visa for someone in the Philipines. This would be a full time position for someone who can run a register, clean, stock, and make pizzas and subs. We are hoping to get someone in the position by next summer. Can someone point me in the right direction? If anyone has done this before tips would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!