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  1. I had biometrics done on August 22nd (had the same issue with it as a lot of us here) and my interview was scheduled on August 26th!
  2. I got a letter yesterday saying that my interview is on October 10th! Good luck to everyone, hopefully you get your interviews soon!
  3. So I got my biometrics done on Thursday (was one of those people who had issues with scheduling) on Saturday my status changed to "your case is ready for an interview " and today I checked uscis again and saw that an interview was scheduled! So 3 days!
  4. Guys, my status just updated and my interview was scheduled!! Waiting for a letter in the mail!
  5. Hi guys, the weirdest thing happened...yesterday I got a notification that on August 23rd my case is ready for an Interview, but this morning I wake up and find out that my case status has changed to "we received your fingerprints " has anyone been in the same situation before?
  6. Does anyone going to have an interview in Columbus, Ohio too?
  7. Hi guys! I am one of the late biometric appointment receivers! Sent my documents on May 13th and took my biometrics this thursday! Today my status changed to interview is ready to be scheduled! Who can share their statistics on how long have you waited since this status changed to "interview was scheduled"?
  8. Hey guys, does anyone have any information on how the cases are gonna go after biometrics appointment for those who waited so long for biometrics? I am one of those people, sent my package may 13th and my biometrics appointment is next Tuesday (so I waited for awhile to receive it) I am just wondering, does it put us back in line with other may fillers (meaning we wont have as long of a gap between biometrics and an interview) or we simply lost almost 3 months for nothing?
  9. Have you filed a service request? It seems like filling it for the second time is what actually got me this appointment. No one responded on my first one
  10. I just wanted to update you guys since I am in the same boat as you. I sent my AOS package on May 13th with NOA1 date May 20th. I was also waiting for my biometrics appointment for so long until today! First, I filed my second service request on August 1st and yesterday I received an email from USCIS saying that my case information has been entered into a scheduling system and I should wait until I get scheduled. Well I called USCIS today, got to a tier 2 officer who told me that I was scheduled yesterday for biometrics on August 22nd! I really think we got into some sort of a glitch and USCIS forgot to input our information into their scheduling system
  11. Hey guys! (I am one of the people who had issues with biometrics) I just got a call from a tier 2 officer who told me that my appointment for biometrics has been scheduled for August 22. They scheduled me yesterday (so when I got that email from USCIS) I am very excited!!!
  12. I just called them this morning. I pretty much asked the lady if I could talk to the tier 2 officer and she said that the tier 2 officer will probably tell me the same thing ( that everything is okay, just wait) but she doesnt really care so she will put me through. So tier 2 officer is supposed to call me in 560 hours or something 😅
  13. thank you very much, it gives me hope! However, I am so worked up right now that I probably gonna call them tomorrow morning anyway... I just really hope that this " case being on hold" wont affect my timeline too much and I will be in line with other may fillers to receive an interview
  14. This is also what I just received as a response on my service request...I am so upset, because I've heard that this wont actually affect the time of processing, but according to this my case is on hold because of it😭 I am definitely calling tomorrow!
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